Brand new '06 Lilac First

  1. Great Bag and a Great Seller!!! She is a PF member and I chat with her all the time. She is a sweetie and is very particular about her bags so I am sure this one is in really good shape.
  2. Oh, pretty! And it looks pristine. Good luck!
  3. Meemie--I know I would definitely have bidded on that bag by now if I hadn't gotten yours already:smile:
  4. This bag is in it's way to me :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    It's my very first Balenciaga and I'm sooo excited :wlae:

    Adorable color, perfect size and a verrrrrry nice seller :yes:

    I think this won't be my last bal...

    My next wish is the khaki first. The one on eBay has been several time on eBay. I wonder why nobody catches it...I would do, but I'm not sure because of the dirty-looking handles :push:

    Sorry, Chloé :shame: :shrugs:
  5. Congrats! It's lovely.
  6. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the lilac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  7. This is pretty. I was tempted but DH would kill me.
  8. congrats on ur first bbag!