brand new 05 red coin purse !!!

  1. No- please don't jump on it! LOL My friend put in an offer!
  2. Zacorey, don't worry, I am not interested in that one (wrong red to match my city) it was for my PF friends...
  3. Stupid purse ban!! Must be strong and not hit BIN :banned:
  4. I just want the tiny box and dustbag! :love:
  5. ^^^I did not mean to sound in a rage! LOL I'm sorry! I just know my friend really wants this and her BIN price is high for this. You all know and love her too!!!!!!!!!!
  6. aaawww sooo cute!
    i hope one of you get this!

  7. Awwwwwwwww 'L' zac..... :shame: - every girl should have such a friend like YOU :love: :yes: - you're just a sweetheart :heart: :winkiss:
  8. Did your friend get it :love:
  9. I just checked! NO!:crybaby: Congrats to the winner though!
  10. Isn't that really overpriced..I thought it retailed for $285
  11. I think this seller has been raising her prices as she realizes there is a great demand for Bbags and accessories. Nothing bad about it I guess~ it just sucks for us! LOL