Brand loyalty and why

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  1. I was thinking today about how, while I love Chanel, I have a serious soft spot for anything Mulberry. What is your one favorite brand and why? What do you associate with that brand?

    Mulberry is probably my favorite because it's rare in my area (most people LOVE monograms and logos). I guess that I associate it with a secret luxury that only a few people know about. It's also nice to know that absolutely no one wants to snatch my slouchy Mulberry when so many people are carrying LV, Gucci, etc. :smile:

    PS- Try not to bash other brands... just let us know what YOU love!
  2. I have no brand loyalty whatsoever... If I like it... I get it... However, I really like supporting the "unknowns"... I have several bags from designers on Etsy and .if I were going to have loyalty to anyone... it would be to one of the "little guys"... Maybe because I sew (have made quite a few cloth handbags) and often think about designing my own handbags someday... I like to think I'm supporting "one of my own"...:yes:
  3. I also lean very heavily toward lesser known or less popular labels.
    I love Botkier, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Nuti, and Anya Hindmarch (to name just a few). Not so much "loyalty" as just being sick of all the common (and counterfeited) ones.
  4. My brand loyalty is very much towards Balenciaga. I will (and have!! haha) sell / give up purchasing anything to get my hands on a beautiful smooshy bbag. I have no good reason - it's just the quality, the way it looks, the way it makes me feel... (it's love!)

    I like Rebecca Minkoff and Belen Echandia bags as well, but I will only buy them on sale and when there isn't currently a bbag that i'm interested in buying.
  5. I am definitely NOT brand loyal. There are certain brands where I would research less and spend more because I just KNOW I will love the bag no matter what.

    But on point, I like having a lot of different bags. My style changes and isn't set in stone so when someone sees me with an AC City bag one day and then a Chanel flap the next - there's no "pinning me down" or "figuring me out" when it comes to my style. Which probably sounds like I think about it too much, but I don't really! LOL.
  6. I have no brand loyalty. I like having lots of bags from different brands. If I like it, I'll buy it. I also have recently started to gravitate towards the lesser known brands- don't have to worry about them being knocked off, plus I like wearing something I know I probably won't see on anyone else.
  7. I am perfectly fickle about brands. I will go where the wind blows me. I do have quite a collection of Sundance bags and I have several Bulga bags. After my moni moni purchase I am tending to lean towards the favorite as opposed to the unknown or new.
  8. The closest I've come to brand loyalty is LV and Hermes, but LV has had some real quality-control issues in recent years, and I doubt I'll buy from the line again--at least from Elux and only in person.

    Hermes produces quality that I can buy blind, but their prices can get really out of hand...and I say that as I'm about to buy another bracelet. LOL I love the bags, but I won't pay that much. A blanket maybe.

    Chanel was desirable until I sold the line, and I saw what was wrong with so many of the returns.

    Oh well, I guess Hermes will be it for my little luxuries.
  9. ditto:tup:

    i'm not really brand loyal but i am 'disloyal' to those brands that are easily recognized. i like the no monograms but still gorgeous high quality bags:girlsigh:
  10. My favorite brand is LAMB. I think they have really unique designs and aren't something you see everywhere you go.

  11. you took the words right out of my mouth! i feel the same way.
  12. I am not really brand loyal I like a design that is pleasing to my eye. I also enjoy having fun bags. I am really drawn to L.A.M.B bags because they are classic in shape and fun in print and colors. MbMJ cause i love the simplicity and LV cause I just have always been in love with them.
  13. I suppose I'd have to go with Prada, for the utility chic and cool factor. I have four Pradas and they are faultless and indestructible after three years. However, I love the Cognac City my husband bought me on my last birthday. Nevertheless, I dabble with other high-end brands if the deal is good enough. I'm waiting on a Givenchy Messsenger I hope will arrive in the next few days.
  14. I know a lot of people aren't fans, but i'm pretty loyal to Coach. They're well-made, simple, and they fit my style. (most of them, i'm not taking responsibility for some of the stuff they make!! eek) They're within my price range....enough that I have to save a bit for them, but not so much that it HURTS me to buy one.
  15. Im a die hard LV, Gucci girl. I have loved and carried their bags for so long that nothing else excites me. I have tried other designers and they just sit...I always go back to my LV and Gucci (like an old friend!!!) at one point I thought about approaching the Hermes addiction. After alot of thought I decided I enjoyed the fun funky designs of what I love way too much to go down that road. (one day I will have a fuschia croc birkin) but for now...I will stick with waht I adore.