Brand Awareness

  1. Okay..well I don't usually have lots to say but after reading numerous posts where people who love fine luxury goods are appalled by people who want to buy these same goods for their children...So many people go on ad nauseum about how they want their children to be children and not be aware of brands and so they wouldn't buy them this thing or that because they don't want the children to grow up too fast or be jaded....Well I would just like to say in my opinion that's absurd especially if you live in America ( I won't profess to know much about marketing in other countries) I mean even at the grocery store, your children are seduced by branding, at the toy store , the clothing store..unless everything in your house is generic no name and unless your children have never asked for a single item by name brand.. I'm sorry but they already have brand awareness... In the end whatever the goods are that you purchase for yourself or your children..all that's important is the values you teach them..and loving brand name things doesn't necessarily mean that children will have bad values..just remember to develop their character, integrity, self worth and charity along with whatever you choose to buy for them. I was not referring to anyone in particular but I felt it needed saying. badalues..have negative values iEver
  2. I think there was a recent research showing that of all the words a four year old knows like 20% of them were brand names..
  3. I remember an incident in elementary school, first or second grade, 1958 or 1959, somewhere in there, the teacher was struggling to teach the class to recite the alphabet, but it just wasn't happening. I, and a couple of other kids knew it already, but for most of the class, it was new material.

    In frustration, she said something like if it were on television, the whole class would know it. This was in the days before Sesame Street, and television itself was still somewhat "new" in many communities.

    One of the kids who did know the alphabet, and was of a somewhat mischievous turn, stood up and and began, slowly and clearly, "Crest is an effective..."

    And then, just like a scene from a movie, one little voice, then another, and another, until the whole class, in perfect unison, recited:
    ..."decay preventive dentifrice when used in a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care."