Branching out from canvas to LV leather... help needed!

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  1. Sooooo I'm thinking that once this virus has passed and stores are open again, I'm going to branch into LV leather bags. I love the look of the city steamer. :P

    I've been a LV fan for a long time and have a fair few canvas pieces and leather bags from other brands, but have never purchased a LV leather bag. I thought researching a new bag would be a nice distraction from what is going on in the world.

    Any of you who have experience with any LV leather please post your experiences, bag suggestions, mini reviews below! TIA :flowers:
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  2. The City Steamer is a gorgeous bag. I hope you get it!
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  3. Thank you! I've never actually held it, but I've seen it in boutiques when I've been in there. Hopefully stores re-open soon and I get to see it properly :annoyed:
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  4. Oooooh, I love the City Steamer bag. Enjoy researching it. Maybe see if there are some YouTube videos to keep you occupied :biggrin:
    Have fun!
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  5. I also love LV leather bags. Empreinte has worked for me because it's very durable. I have loved Epi for years and have a decent collection. They are super durable and very quintessentially Louis Vuitton. But I am looking for something even more subtle. I just bought a city steamer mini, and I really like it. It is very light because it is small. But beware. If weight is an issue, the city steamer is all leather, and that can get heavy, especially compared to canvas pieces. For me anything bigger than mini is too heavy. The PM is a great size, but once you put stuff in it, it feels heavy. Of course, everyone is different and many are probably not concerned about things like weight. I am sure that when you try it on at the store you will figure out what works for you.
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  6. I looove the look of the Empreinte! I was looking at the Pochette Metis in black Empreinte!

    Thank you for your advice on the City Steamer! I'll try it on in store when it re-opens :hrmm:
  7. I love empreinte leather. All my purses and slgs still look new. I find it to be extremely durable. The steamer is quite beautiful, but also heavy. Right now I’m kind of obsessed with the capucines.
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  8. I recommend Taurillon, which is very tough, beautiful, and is viewed within LV as being one of their upscale leathers. I have only one taurillon LV piece but have owned many taurillon Hermes pieces over the years. The Hermes taurillon is very tough, scratch resistant (not scratch proof), handles the rain beautifully, and wears very well. I am hoping my LV taurillon piece fares similarly.
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  9. I love LV leather. All of them! I think they are quite durable, especially the epi. My favorite it terms of looks and comfort is mahina, but there are not a lot of bag options in that leather. Next favorite is epi, then empreinte. I don’t have anything in taurillon, the capucine is not for me. The mini city steamer is adorable, but they are all gorgeous.
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  10. LV leather are fantastic. Epi is quite durable but it does not feel expensive. My favorite is LV Mahina leather. It very underrated line. :/
    But their Taurillon leather is also fantastic. Very much up there with Hermes Clemence leather.

    LV empreinte leather is also another great alternative. Looks and texture might be equivalent to Hermes Evergrain. Can’t say for sure. lol
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  11. Another LV leather fan. I think I have something from each LV leather line except mahina (I wish they had more options/ colors). LV leather is hardwearing and can last a very long time while still maintaining its beauty. I also have the City Steamer and wow is it a great bag. Mine is the MM size but weight does not bother me. I think this a great bag in all sizes. My fave LV leather is taurillon. It’s just so luxurious. I hope you’re able to get to the store when they reopen and have fun trying on bags.
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  12. If you don't mind pre-loved bags, you can buy beautiful, well-kept Nomade and Suhali leather bags for a fraction of the original retail price. Also Mahina leather bags, if you like the perforated logo design.
  13. I don’t have any LV leather anymore, but years ago I had the Sofia Coppola PM which was sooo well made and the leather was this thick, luscious gorgeous stuff. I only sold it because I had it in Cherry and realized I wanted another color (which I never ended up getting). But the quality of that bag was TDF! If all other LV leather is like that, highly recommend!
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  14. You won't regret the PM in empreinte!!
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  15. I love empreinte. I have a black one and a taupe color. The leather is gorgeous. I have a mahina wallet which is nice but I prefer the feel of empreinte.
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