Branching out! Come meet my new Twiggy, First, and Clutch...*pics*

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  1. I've alway been a 'Big Bag' girl. I have mostly City, Part-Time and Day bags (and 1 pom pom). My addition is still going strong, so I thought i'd branch out a bit and get some smaller bags in yummy colors (plus new charms). Here they are:

    Here's Miss Twiggy (thanks Erica). I love her leather! :tup:
    So far I really like this style. It's bigger that I was expecting. I like this shape in such a saturated color:

    08 Amethyst RH Twiggy

    Twiggy with Jay Strongwater Charm, Amira:
  2. Here is #2, Ms. Gazon (thanks Fran). I've always liked this color, but was not sure I wanted a large amount of it. So here it is in a First. :yahoo:

    This bag has that great 07 leather that I just love. I do have a First in Black that I use more than any other Bbag. For a small bag, this style really works for me. I LOVE Humprey the Turtle too. Just perfect!

    07 Vert Gazon RH First:

    VG with Jay Strongwater Charm, Humprey the turtle:
  3. Wow! What great leather, I am really starting to change my mind about the 08 bags! I want one now!!!
  4. Congrats! I love your Vert Gazon First, it is such a great pop colour!
  5. Finally, #3 is a 08 Black GSH Envelope Clutch. :heart:

    I have to admit this was an impulse purchase (yeah 25% off for all 3!!!). I've always liked the look of the envelope clutches and the silver hardware looked just right to me. I took this out on a 'date' with my husband and it was perfect! I can dress it up or down. It holds alot and is actually large for a clutch. Very easy to carry. This is not the best photo. I looks dark grey in the photo, but it looks black IRL. I think I will actually use this bag a lot.

    I love charms, but don't know if a charm would be much too busy on this bag. If I add one, it needs to be silver (Juicy silver? Brighton silver?). What do all of you think? Should I add a charm or is she perfect the way she is? Any specific suggestions?

    08 Black GSH Envelope Clutch:

    Thanks for looking!
  6. Your bags are gorgeous (and I LOVE the charms!). Thanks for posting pics!
  7. Wander! Your new purchases are making me:drool::drool::drool:like crazy! I love them all!!
  8. Gorgeous purchases :drool: Congrats!
  9. I really don't think you need to add charms to your beautiful clutch. She's pretty on her own IMO.
  10. Wow, Im loving the Amethyst Twiggy!! Beautiful!

    I think you can leave the clutch like it is, its amazing on its own!
  11. Love all your purchases, Wander. I like the clutch like it is, it may be too busy with a charm. Congratulations!
  12. Nice!!! and the charms are sooo cute! congrats!!!!
  13. congrats, all these new additions of yours are lovely. so colorful, i love your clutch too.
  14. CONGRATS on your GORGEOUS additions!!!
  15. Your twiggy is so cute! I saw one IRL this weekend at BalLA and it really is a perfect size for this color. Congrats on all of your new purchases!