Branch out or stick with a style you love?

Branch out or stick to it?

  • Stick with a style, you love it and won't regret it!

  • Branch out, try something different!

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Sep 19, 2009
I've noticed some people love one style and stick with it - buying multiples in the same color. Or some people get one of each style in different colors. I can see reasoning behind both, but don't know if I would feel redundant buying the same bag just a different color, or if I should get something different to try different styles. But if you're happy with a style, should you just stick with it?
This question is haunting me because I have been saving up for a while to get a third Bal - I already have a Bordeaux City and a Tempete Part Time. I obviously love the rectangular shape of these styles, and am wondering if I should get another City, or branch out to something like a Twiggy or something in the hobo family like a Club. The safe bet would be to stick with a City... Or maybe I should take a trip back to the Money forum and not get anything at all. :P
What do you think? ;)


Jan 16, 2006
Out of the bags you own, does the city or the part time work well for you. I am always searching for the perfect bag. The city comes close, but I wish it was slightly bigger. The work is great but it doesn't have a shoulder the search goes on. If the city or pt is perfect, I would stop there and buy it again, in another wonderful color!!!


Pomeraniam luv's
Nov 30, 2008
I started with the Matelasse and fell in love with the leather. Then the City RH Raisin, loved the shape & color there, opted for the Cyclade RH City in the blue family, what to do next? Well, was searching for the Anthracite GGH could only find it in a PT, I was hesitant, but ordered glad I did loved it Color Amazing,GGH gorgeous combo, but seemed a little awkward to carry then the City. But I am keeping her and glad I tried it as the bag itself is amazing! Now getting the City GGH in Red Rouge Vermillion, so I have branched out a bit. But still my favorite is the CITY GGH or SGH. I love BB they have such a great color palette available thru the seasons to choose from. Yeah for BB .:woohoo:


Love is Love is Love
Apr 19, 2007
In the moment
If something works for you, then great, but it doesn't hurt to try new styles. I prefer to have a diverse collection of styles and colors. Sometimes a style just won't work out for me, which is fine, but at least I tried and ruled it out. I recommend giving as many styles a chance to see what works. Then go from there..


Jan 25, 2010
Paris, France
I started with a Galet GSH City, then a Tempête GSH Day and then a Pourpre RH Work.
I have 3 favorites style (City, Day, Work). Then the choice of one of them and of the hardware, really depends on the color and how it looks in the mirror. For example, I don't know why, if I had to pick a black bag it would only be a RH City. I prefered the Day in Tempête, and the Work in pourpre. I don't know why, it's very subjective ;)


Jun 21, 2007
North of Boston
My collection is so small, and there are so many interesting styles, that right now I'm trying not to duplicate on style or color, at least not until I've tried out all they styles I'm interested in. That being said, if you know a particular style is the one that works for you, than go with what you're comfortable with. And let us know what you get! ;)


balenciaga :)
Dec 21, 2007
I did a bit of both. Started out with the City and Day styles, which are still my favorite, but then moved on to the First (which I later changed my mind on) and started collecting accessories. Now I really like the Work and Purse style. I think it's nice to find a bag you can always go for but also work around a bit. I would try the Twiggy -- if you already have a City & PT, the Twiggy might be different enough but still similar enough in terms of being a handbag with a strap that you'll still feel comfortable with it. I tried to make the leap from Day to First and it just didn't work for me. Good luck deciding!


Jan 4, 2007
Alberta, Canada
I didn't vote because I could go both ways ... I love the City and the Day, so I don't mind having multiples. But at the same point, I'd really like to try the Club for something different and the Velo (which is similar to the City anyway). I think it's nice to have variety, but I also think if you love a certain style there's no harm in continuing to add the same style to your collection.


Oct 24, 2009
I hear you! I'm having the same dilemma. I love the city, own a few and then bought a day for variety. Love it, no regrets with that selection but decided that one day is enough. And now waiting for Canard GGH to come out and there lies my dilemma. Should I get yet another city or branch out for the PT? All the ladies on this forum carries the PT so beautifully and I want to rock one too but the shape just seems odd on me but I'm thinking and praying that maybe with canard being a darker color, it might work so fingers cross.
Sep 19, 2009
It's hard... I've tried the First which was too small for me. I do think the City and PT are among my favorite bags. I used to love the hobo style but I find myself reaching for them (in other brands) less. My friend has a GGH Day and I think it's too big for me, that's why I was considering the Club. But I still feel the City is so classic...
May 7, 2008
SW Florida
I voted to branch out... I am having this same dilema myself!!! I recently branched out and tried a Part Time which I was never fond of, and I am absolutely head over heels now for this style. I am also currently considering a Midday, another style I never really paid much attention to! I have definitely learned that if you don't give something a shot, you will surely never know and possibly miss out on a style/bag that is perfect for you!!