Brainstorm!! I Need an Everyday bag!!

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  1. So I'm kind of growing "tired" of my siggy totes and I was looking for something a little different but still functional...

    I love my legacy poppy rocker but I was really starting to beat it up and I didn't wanna ruin such a beautiful bag :P

    So... I'm looking for a bag with a zipper so when I take a sharp turn my whole handbag doesn't go flying on the floor ;) Medium to large.

    I'm open to suggestions and please post pics!!! :heart:
  2. I think the Madison Audrey would suit your needs


    Great on the shoulder or in hand, lots of room, soft leather, beautiful and feminine, and a nice price at $298. Dept store exclusive right now, in leather and patent.

  3. ooo I like that :smile:
  4. Sophia maybe?
  5. I like the ideas already mentioned...Sophia and Audrey. Or what about one of the Chelsea shopper totes? The new Kristin zip totes are pretty nice too.

    I'm like you; I need a zipper!
  6. I'm going to mention the sophia.. regular size holds a ton but the large is nice and roomy for extra's. bag is nice in both signature fab and leather.

    Audrey :smile: sharp looking bag!

    Glam tote is nice and light to start with, shoulder bag, holds the world! I use this bag when I travel and love it!!

    Maggie is nice because it has a center part with a zipper for smaller stuff, and snaps to close the other sides... things are organized :biggrin: I like it best in the signature fab. Leather and shoulder bags dont work for me.

    Sophia... did I mention her? :heart:
  7. I second the Glam totes and from looking at what you've listed as your other favorite bags, they might best suit your style. And they hold a TON!

    I have an Ashley satchel in Teal I've been carrying for a week and you would not believe the compliments I get on that bag. I've got more "love your bag!" comments in one week than possibly all the rest of the year on my other bags. And it can be dressed up or down, goes to work or play... just a really great purse.
  8. Sophia!! I LOVE mine! I think they are great everyday bags!
  9. I Agree~
  10. Funny I just came back and read the thread.... I'm here at work and I just complimented a customer on her Sophia!!

  11. Sophia gets my vote. Comfortable on the should, arm or in hand. Holds a lot (I prefer the large), zips completely closed. The bronze and the pewter woven are on sale now at Macys.
    Let us know what you decide.