Brain Pick for the London Lassies......

  1. Hey Ladies (and any UK Guys). My husband has been approached about a job in London - it's a little bit of a change in what he does so not 100% sure if we're actually going to be moving over, but want to ask a few questions about what living in London is like.

    Firstly, I know it's expensive. I don't think we'd bother buying a place there and would be happy to rent. We want to live close to the city (12 mile radius) in either an apartment or townhouse - can we get a 3 brm place for around 2000 pounds a month in a good area (ideally something modern/newish, doesn't have to be huge)? We'd like to be in an area that has good transport, restaurants, amenities and good outdoor spaces. Is Canary Wharf an ok area?

    Also, what are the medical services like? Is medical insurance hard to get there?

    I'm currently in Holland (and have SkyTV lol) so know what to expect with the weather, driving and shopping.

    Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated! :flowers: TIA!
  2. Not living in London I have no idea on the best website to view property for rent - but this website is not a bad start.
  3. Wow, thanks RiffRaff, appreciate the link! :flowers:
  4. I gather your husband is in finance then because he will be in Canary Wharf (or am I assuming too far?). Canary Wharf is becoming a good place and it is now being called Europe's Manhattan because of the inflow of financial service companies there.

    However I don't think living around near Canary Wharf (i.e. not in Canary Wharf itself) would be so good. Although the nearby areas are developing it is still not as uniform as other more affluent areas. I do not know where your husband will be travelling to so I can't really give you any useful suggestions but if he is going to be working in Canary Wharf, lots of people do live to the west and travel across the city to get there.

    12 miles radius is actually pretty big because that actually covers almost all of the city. If you look at this underground map, the circle I have drawn is 10 miles (How do I know? Because Harrow-on-the-Hill has a boarding school which has a charity run every year and they say the road from Marble Arch to their school is 10 miles and Marble Arch is considered to be the center of the city). So I would say look in that area but it would be difficult to get a 3 bedroom place for £2,000 a month in central London because the last time I walked pass an estate agent, they were letting a bid one bedroom/small two bedroom flat for that amount in Kensington and Chelsea.

    Anyway I think this estate agent's website is useful because they are more boutique and focus on the middle to upper end of the market which I gather you are looking for and they selectively have their offices in good areas such as Richmond, Putney, Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Belgravia, et al.

    I think the insurers would love to sell you an insurance because everyone around here is cheap and don't get an insurance since there is a totally free (but lousy) healthcare for everyone including foreigners.

    One last thing if you do not what to pay an £8 congestion charge, drive a Toyota Prius or you can go down the shady route, LOL. Bring your car over from Holland and use it here: they have problems catching foreigners with continental number plates dodging the charge, LOL.
  5. honestly, London is great but very expensive. lived there only a short time before moving further south. I would check out the area real well before you decide on where to move - I was given that recommendation before moving there by a london cab driver with regard to safety (I am sure the same as everywhere else).

    I don't know about Holland, one problem for me in UK were the houses that wuold literally be on the pavement when you opened the door - I had some safety issues with that, so I totally discourage others who aren't used to it. actually, each part of UK cities has its own little high street so I am sure you would be fine with amenities and restaurants - outdoor space.. I don't know, except the parks. but I am sure locals can offer a better insight.
  6. London is expensive, but not more so than some other cities in Europe. I guess your husband will be earning a london salary so you guys should be alright. In terms of a nice area to live, Greenwich is very nice and close to the city and Canary Wharf, they now have great tube links with the new North Greenwich Station. I also find the south of London, prettier and cheaper to live in than the North. My DH is a property developer so we know London and the surrounding areas well. PM me if you need any advice.
  7. I live in West Sussex in a place called Horsham. Alot of London commuters live here, you get the best of both worlds - you get to live in the country and you can commute to work - takes an hour by train. In was recently voted the 2nd best place to live in the UK. Its not cheap to live here,but cheaper than London.