Braided Strap Purse

  1. Hi there!

    I am craving a braided strap purse, but don't really know who makes a fun medium sized one. Tod's is making one, but I really can't afford the $3900!!

    Any ideas? Post pics please :smile:

  2. Hi. I just got a C.C. Skye Lucy Bag in pink (They have lots of colors) from L360. It's a beautiful bag with a braided strap. I think it was around 780.00 but I used the code L360 and got 20% off. It's really well made and came really nicely packaged. I wish I could post a picture but it's on their website under C.C. Skye handbags. Good luck.
  3. this treesje bag is nice
  4. I love that BV bag!
  5. Gucci got one..lovely!
  6. Well, if you want something very economical, there is this from Bo Bo Bags on for $147. Anyone heard of this brand? Comes in a pretty violet, too. Actually, with the PresDay08 code, it's just $108!

  7. likey this one!!
  8. Gucci pelham,...but I noticed that after time, my straps have gotten longer! (stretched!) I even took it to Gucci and they agreed that my bag drop was 1" lower! Either my things are too heavy or the straps are too soft!
  9. Drrooll! Great suggestions everyone- thank you!

    The BV so far is my fave.. I was looking at the Gucci pelham as well, but I think it is a little too big for my tastes.

  10. [​IMG]

    I saw this bag IRL the other day and it's nice......different price point than some others mentioned. Another option for you.
    Good luck
  11. ^ Wow, I love that! I might have to put that on my list, it's adorable.
  12. Are you into coach at all, the optic chelsea has braided straps...

    (not my pic)