Braided Leather Zoe...

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  1. Whyyy is it a thousand freaking dollars? I know people have said the leather is different, but holy h*ll can it really be THAT different? I think this bag is so pretty but there's no way I'm spending a thousand dollars on it. Why must they toy with me!!!!!!

    It's so pretty... :crybaby: I've never seen this color before. I love it.

  2. Yes, the leather is THAT different. You have to touch it to believe it. It feels like kid leather gloves. It's soft as a baby's bottom. I agree that it's too expensive, but at least I can kind of understand why...

    the braiding is beautiful btw. The pictures don't even begin to do it justice. I'm not even crazy about zoes in general, but this one begins to sway me.
  3. I saw this bag yesterday in AC Coach. OMG , yes you have to touch it. :nuts: I couldn't stop running my hand over it.
  4. I totally agree! I'd buy this bag in a heartbeat if it was possibly a few hundred dollars cheaper... but 1K? NO WAY! I can't justify spending that on any bag! :wtf:
  5. I have it! in gray! It is so soft! its unbelivable I have only seen the gray, and off white in person this blue is so cute! I think this Zoe should be $798 like the wovenZoe not 1K!
  6. This blue is just gorgeousssss!

    I just don't undestand a thousand. I could see 800... maybe... preferably 6 or 700. But a thousand just seems crazy.

    The leather on my white pleated hobo is soft as soft can possibly be and I got that for 200 dollars! =(

    I love all three colors.
  7. WOW that is beautiful and I would love to touch it :graucho: But I agree even with that softness I would never spend that on any bag let alone that one. :tdown:
  8. I love the braided strap! When i felt the leather in store it was soo smooth! If Coach makes this in a smaller size and more colors i'm getting one for sure!
  9. The leather is soooooo soft and gorgeous! None of the leather they use on their other bags even compares. I wish Coach would at least make a smaller and less expensive bag out of it. I saw all 3 colors of the braided Zoe, and they're just beautiful.
  10. Must be some sort of special leather???
    I mean, if this was an exotic I would understand the price difference, but then again, I've yet to touch it.
    I don't mind spending $1K on a bag, but certainly NOT on a Coach though.
    Either way, if the color is true to the real thing, then I gotta say that I love it as well.
    Oh, and the strap is gorgeous too!
  11. The bag is gorgeous!! And if I hadn't spent well over $1K for a canvas LV I'd consider the Zoe! It's just so soft and wonderful :heart:
  12. But is this leather easy to scratch and damage? How durable is it?
  13. I have the same pleated hobo that you do but in black and agree that it is incredibly soft. HOWEVER...yesterday, I was in the boutique and saw this Zoe IRL and it is UNBELIEVABLE!! I could not believe it but it is about 100x softer than the pleated hobo although I did not think it was possible. It really is an incredibly luxurious bag and I really loved it.
    I actually had a short, fleeting moment of insanity where I actually considered spending $1000 on this bag!:wtf: Luckily, that passed and I left with a different bag!:wlae:
    That said, if I could get it on PCE, I would definitely buy it.
  14. I think the bag is gorgeous, but to put things into perspective, Balenciaga bags are know for having some of the most amazing soft leather on the planet and they are handmade in Italy! This bag is priced higher than a Balenciaga Day (a large hobo style for those unfamiliar) bag which also happens to come in the most amazing range of colors (not just two like Coach), has a zipped pocket on the front and a hand laced strap and and is priced at $995!!!!! I agree that I like this Zoe, but it should be priced in the $600 range tops!
  15. The bag is AMAZING. I saw it at the store the other day. Perhaps it is more expensive because the leather is like silk soft and the bag is HUGE as well. You really have to touch the bag to understand how nice it really is. If it was just a bit smaller, I would have chosen this bag when I was there on Saturday, but it is just too large.