braided leather street bag growing on me

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  1. i have to confess, i made fun of this bag when i first saw it in the look book. i love my LVs but said i would never buy one because i see the $1 versions being lugged around everywhere in the city......that was, until this weekend when i saw it in the lightergold color.

    it's really cute. and the inside is to die for......i love the inside lining. the SA that helped me said that was marc jacob's bring the two classes together.

    has this bag grown on anyone else?
  2. :yes: I'm still not at the buying point but it has definately grown on me
  3. This was one of the main point of this entire season for LV, "cheap", but fresh summery looks in exquisite luxurious material.
  4. I love the bags, especially in the gold color. Although it's not on my list of must-buys, since I really don't have any use for it. I need a big tote, but I need something that I can knock around without worrying about it (i.e. not something made of leather). I'll probably just get a cheap tote from American Apparel or one of the cheap special items Marc Jacobs totes.
  5. i'm actually considering the gold one (but not quite there yet) lol. does anyone know the retail?
  6. the gold one is definitely more appealing now that i've seen pics on the other color is cute too.
  7. Hmmm, they are starting to grow, but I definitely prefer the smaller gold one. Has anyone put in an order for one or got one yet?
  8. I think it's cute. Just not my thing.
  9. I love this bag it is so cute.
  10. Unfortunately, no.
  11. They've grown on me know that i know theyre not plastique. <- LVs way of saying plastic.
  12. I made fun of it too and now I have one lol
  13. no way....reminds me of the 99 cent ones
  14. Not a fan....:shrugs:
  15. i think its cute but not sure about the price hahaha
    can get few classic bags with that kind of money