Braided handle pochette metis

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  1. Hello. Does anyone have the braided handle Pochette Métis?

    I’ve been downsizing and have only one LV bag left. A Neverfull pm. I don’t like how it’s open and rather shallow, and it’s difficult to put on my shoulder.

    I’d like to replace it with another canvas LV bag. It will be for every day use, no worries about scratches or rain. These are my likes:

    1. Somewhat slim profile. I don’t like having to pull up a chair for my bag when I’m eating out. I’ve gone back and forth on the speedy b and think probably not because it’s too wide at the base.

    2. Not mini size but not huge. Length about 10” no more than 12”.

    3. Need a handle to grab onto. I really like single handled bags, over double handles that fold down. Another strike against the speedy b.

    4. No cartoonish designs

    5. No vachetta, if possible. But I’m not totally against vachetta.

    6. Prefer some kind of closure, zipper first choice, magnet ok, no open top.

    7. No folded canvas corners. I liked the Tuileries besace, but that looks like it has folded canvas corners.

    After scouring the website, I think I like the braided handle Pochette Métis. I know lots of people are huge fans of it as an every day bag. I like the braided handle as it looks more substantial and easier to grab than the flat handle on the regular Pochette Métis.

    Does anyone own this and can speak to its durability? I’m wary of the multitude of issues from this design. Does anyone have any other recommendations for me?

    Thank you!
  2. I don’t have the braided handle metis but I do have the beaubourg bag that has the braided you mean durability of the handle or the pochette metis bag part? I do have the pochette metis bag with the vachetta handle...
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  3. What about the Alma bb?
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  4. Thanks for replying! Both, actually. What are your thoughts on the comfort/durability of the braided handle?

    And have you had the usual issues with your regular Pochette Métis?
  5. Thanks for the tip! I’ve had several Alma BB’s, but at this time I’m looking for something bigger. Alma bb is super cute though. I decided not to keep them because I didn’t like the stiff zipper and having to zip it down around the curved top, with the strap clips in the way.
  6. Here is a pic of the bag I’m interested in:

    Attached Files:

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  7. I received a call about my pochette metis. I don’t use it often and did notice some glazing was sticky on the bottom. I love the bag and know they are so hard to get so I’m not sure I want to give it back. The beaubourg braid handle is thick and sturdy..I didn’t like the braid handle when it was released but loved it in person. I don’t carry the bag with the braid handle on the shoulder since it has another strap but do hand carry it by handle and it’s comfortable. I love the braided handle is different and received a compliment on the bag when I used it. Have you tried it?
  8. Oh give the Old PM back and get a new one. You will get one!
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  9. I haven’t tried it yet. But good to know you like the handle! I think in a couple weeks I’ll try to swing by the store and hopefully they’ll have one available I can look at. I’ve actually never even handled a Pochette Métis before.

    Also, I would agree with the post above that you ought to bring yours back if it is sticky on the bottom.
  10. 0D70ABFD-DDA1-4B5B-9057-3DE5BDBFEB5C.png

    The Cluny MM is another one that fits your wishlist!
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  11. The glazing is not bad yet and it was original model before the changes were made..I’m not sure I can do it...I really like that bag...:smile:
  12. I know I probably should but I really like it ....I’ll have them look at it next time I go in since I had other bags recalled..I would go in and try it on since you may not like it in person. I was going to get the cluny bb with the braid handle but was told it’s no longer available...
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  13. Thank you! I do like this one, I’ll take a look at it too!
  14. That’s why you should do it! I actually sold mine and regretted that so bad that I repurchased in December.
  15. Similar to the Cluny is the Bond street, no vachetta to worry about and comes in a few colors. It is a really great bag.
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