braided chain - comfy??

  1. i was just wondering, about the chain straps on bags such as the flap.. are they heavy or have any trouble staying on? are they comfortable?? because i used to have a chain strap bag and that one kept falling off and was uncomfortable. i;d like to know if the chain strap is comfy. TIA :yes:
  2. I don't have a Classic Flap, but I have a Luxe Flap and the chains/strap is very comfy!
  3. its comfy... all my braided chains are fine. but if anything I think the new vintage square handles are the ultimate comfy :smile:
  4. ^OOOOH yeah!:yes: SO lush!
  5. the chain on classic flap is more comfortable than the reissue coz there's leather as "cushion", if you know whay I mean. But I am fine with both types
  6. The chain on the luxe flap is comfy!
  7. The leather/chain straps on the luxe line are very comfy - the flap has one thick strap which makes it ultra-comfy.
  8. The chain straps on the MM tote and the chain/leather straps on the Diamond Stitch tote are both comfortable to wear.
  9. Classic flap's chain is comfy
  10. For me too! I find the chain a bit cold at first if I'm wearing sleeveless though.
  11. I have no issues with them...they actually help the bag stay on better!
  12. I have a classic flap and I have no problems with it at all. I don't usually wear tanks or anything where the bag is hanging directly from my skin, so I think it helps that it just rests on my clothes. I love the chains..I think it is way classy. :smile:
  13. All my chains seem comfy to me. The one that took the most getting used to was my jumbo caviar flap bag -- the chain seemed stiff at first.
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