Brahmin purses

  1. I was in Las Vegas a while ago and picked up a Brahmin purse. Do any of you have it? I don't quite know how to post pics but the one I picked up is gray and black. Really really pretty. It was the one featured in Women's Wear Daily.
  2. Brahmin has had some very nice purses in the past. I wasn't too crazy about last season. Brahmin used to be made in the United States, but I don't know if they have moved their factories off-shore or not? Does anyone else know?
  3. I think they are well made and a good price, but I just don't like the styles anymore. I find them kind of old-ladyish (and I am an OLD lady!)
  4. My mum has a Brahmin purse that I think looks lovely and very classy on her. It is a smallish and a neat mix of smooth black leather and brown/tan croc-ish leather. Some styles are a little old lady, but there are also a few nice ones, IMHO.
  5. Brahmins are very classy bags, but very structured. No hobo's here and no slouchy, slouchy. Looks great with a business suit.
  6. I am always intrigued with how their leathers look, almost like snakeskin or colorized croc. They are very different from other bags but abit too stuctured for my tastes.

    I do carry a Brahmin Credit Card wallet in Toasted Almond though.
    BrahminWalletFront.jpg BrahminWalletBack.jpg
  7. I checked with the SA at Nordstrom today. She said that a few of the bags are still made in the U.S., but most of them are being made in China now. That's sad...
    I looked at what they had at Nordstrom, nothing fabulous, but they did not have the fall/winger purses in yet. I don't think the bags I saw today were as well made as the ones in the past, but I could possibly be biased by what the SA told me (about being imported).