brahmin handbags

  1. I have never seen much about Brahmin bags in this forum. I know they are on the "low end" of designer stuff, but has anyone used them? I find them extremely well-made for the price, a little stodgy, but classic. Anyone?
  2. I've purchased a few Brahmins and enjoy them just as much as any "high-end " bag I own.I like the Toasted Almond color best,if they are treated well they will last a good while.

    I don't limit myself to any given brand name,if it appeals to me I'll purchase.
  3. I saw a thread about Brahmin bags and a link to it not too long ago. Quite a few ladies here love them.
  4. I have two of the U.S.-made Brahmins (I find the Chinese ones much stiffer), and they're quite nice. I did scratch the dickens out of my Toasted Almond somehow, and the company very nicely repaired it for free. I won't be buying more though because I think the prices are getting too high given where they're made.
  5. I have a few Brahmins as well. And like them quite well.
  6. I have three brahmin bags and am very happy with them. they wear very well, include lots of nice pockets inside, and I always get compliments on them.
    To me they are very classy, but in a quiet way.
  7. I adore Brahmin bags. They are definitely classy. The leather is gorgeous. I go on their website and drool. It's Brahmin Leather Works. Someone posted that they're a bit stodgy, but I don't think so. But I'm 46, so go figure. Guess I'm in the stodgy age range....
  8. I had a great Brahmin bag for years and years. Wore like iron! Brahmin is a classic.:smile:
  9. I have a Brahmin bag. I'm not exactly a purse addict and I bought this lovely chic purse to wear for years and still maintain a classic but not frumpy style. I've received lots of compliments but most importantly the style is original, sophisticated, sleek and feels great to wear. I recommend them.
  10. I have recently purchased a Louise Toasted Almond handbag: I simply LOVE it!!! Furthermore, all my friends are asking me where I found such a gorgeous handbag!!! I'll surely buy more Brahmin handbag in the future and I do recommend them!!!!
  11. I haven't even noticed a brand such as that. Is the quality good and are the designs gorgeous?
  12. I have a Brahmin bag in the Orinoco color. Bought it from Dillards about 2 years ago. Love it. I woudn't even say they are at the low end of the purse cost because I paid right at $400 with tax for mine. I like them because they are classic bags that will last forever! They have really become trendy in their styling as well. I think you would enjoy one if you decide to purchase.
  13. What I like about Brahmin is how their croc embossed leather is so detailed and textured. I had a toasted almond colored doctor style bag and it was such texture and the coloring was amazing. However, it was too small for me and I ended up ebaying it. Still, very nice.

    It was made in the US and cost about 350 I think. I'd say it's a medium range Furla or Lamarthe.
  14. I have one in the toasted almond as well....however i have seen some primary color versions that are lustworthy.

    I love mine, purchased at their outlet which i love because they do not change their quality for the outlet like coach....its def. worth a look if you have one nearby!
  15. I had only seen these bags on their website, but recently I have seen them at my Nordstroms and I think they are wonderful. They have a rich look, and they look like they would definitely wear well.