Braham bag....what do you think?

  1. Looking at purchasing this bag.... but not sure of the quality and where is this produce? It claim that the leather is from Italy but product is from China.
    Need you gals input...Yeah or nay>
  2. can't see. post pics!

    Can't wait.
  3. I have bought two brahams and they are wonderful purses......both of mine say they were made in Italy.....
    One does have to be careful, but I get compliments everytime I use either one of looking for another one right now........:smile:
  4. i was wondering if you meant, "Brahmin" bags? They are made in the USA, specifically in Massachusetts. If this is the bag that you mean, you can look at their site, They are extremely well made, and I like the fact that they are made here in the states. Very rare, indeed.
  5. I don't see any images so I can't inform you on my oppinion. Please post pics :sad:
  6. I second that! I have Brahmin bags and they are fabulous.
  7. I'm bringing back this old thread because I have seen the most beautiful Brahmin bag ever! It's even softer than their usual highly structured bags!

    With the economy the way it is now, I'm looking for quality bags for lots less. This may be my next bag. :woohoo:

    Pic is from Nordstroms.
    Brahmin Melbourne bag.jpg
  8. Some of them are gorgeous, but a lot of them are very stiff. I do like that red one.
  9. I have a really nice big Brahmin bag, they don't make this bigger size any more (which I love) but it is very stiff. It is also heavy, but I still love the bag.
    Mine is the Toasted Almond leather.

  10. Brahmin has started to make some lighter weight bags, especially the tote sizes. Now if I could just get them to add more length to the handles...
  11. They aren't supple, that's for sure, but that might just be their big draw. I'm on the fence about them, but they are beautiful!