Brag Book Conversion?

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  1. Does anyone own a brag book? If so, is it possible to remove the photo holder by pulling it out of the sides? I can't really tell by the pictures. I'm thinking of using it for an address book and would insert my own. Is this possible? Many thanks!!

  2. I own 2 coach brag books. One in canvas with leather trim and the other is all leather w/ turnlock closure. Both photo inserts come out in mine. The one you pictured is newer so unless they changed it, it comes out.HTH.
  3. LOL...:roflmfao:....Gosh, for a minute there, by your title, I was thinking a brag book, like you put pictures of your children, except with pictures of all your COACH goodies!!!

    Actually, that just gave me an idea to do that!!!:idea:....:thinking:

    It would be good to have for insurance purposes!!! Along with the receipts behind the pictures.

  4. lol.. never realized that it was called a brag book!! good to know
  5. I have one and yes, you can pull out the inserts. I actually bought mine to convert into a notepad when I was in school. I need to write in style, you know:yes:. Then I converted it back to a brag book once I was out of school and my son was born. That is a cute one that you posted. I might need that if I have a girl:tup:.
  6. That's great! I was hoping it would come out because it's almost half price of the agenda. Thanks very much everyone.
  7. Where did you find that? I don't see it online and now I am convinced that I need one....:nuts:
  8. If you are near an outlet, they have photo holders and agendas on sale all the time, so I would go check it out there first.
  9. Ya, I've been itching to go but it's a little over 2 hours from here and we are experiencing an extra heavy winter. Lot's of ice on the roads, and more snow to come -- just not safe enough to travel.