Braeden in terraine as a school bag?

  1. Hi everyone! I've always loved kooba but this is my 1st post in this subforum!
    I have a terraine braeden on hold (for $320) at a local boutique and I was wondering what opinions were on this bag as a school bag (going to med school next year & I would take it to lectures, study groups, etc... not anything yucky, don't worry!). I think it's made with cow leather which means it would be more durable, but I'm worried about the light color (I'm afraid of dark clothes/jeans transferring colors). Any feedback would be appreciated, since I know nothing about the various leathers kooba uses.
    Thanks for your help! :flowers:

    (I'm also calling Off 5th tomorrow in the hopes they'll have one in black... but that's sort of a shot in the dark because they had them awhile ago.)
  2. Girl, Off 5th carries the Braedon all the time, just call another store if yours does not have one.

    When Off has their 25% off handbag/shoe sale, which is about once per month, you can nab that baby for just over $210 or so. That's what I did.

    I had a black Braedon and did enjoy the bag. You can fit alot inside but the depth would not allow a bunch of school books, maybe just one and a small laptop.

    If you need a Kooba with depth the Paige might be a better fit.
  3. I also have the Braedon in Black and I don't think it's quite right for a book/school bag. I agree with Lindy. You probably need a little more depth, something you can actually fit a couple of books and notebooks in.

    Any Kooba you load up with book stuff is going to be heavy. I'm trying to think of a Kooba that would have the durability you need. Like Lindy said, a Paige is probably your best bet, maybe an Ada. I'm thinking a Natasha but it's not as rugged as a bag as the Paige or Ada.
    In order, here is the Paige, Natasha, and Ada.



  4. Thanks for the helpful responses! I didn't know they were always at Off 5th, I'm definitely calling them to find out when their sale is! That way, even if it's not a good school bag, I can justify the purchase because of the price. :p
    I guess this means I'm passing on the braeden this time around.
    As for size/weight, I am actually looking for a smallish bag (to hold a notebook & bottle of water, maybe a small laptop some days), but I think you all are wise in advising I look for something that can hold more if I need it. I love the ada and the paige, so I'll look into those also!
    Thanks everyone!
  5. what about Parker? I think I am going to get one for my school bag :biggrin: