Bradley Cooper.

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  1. He was married to Jennifer Esposito. There were blind items about emotional abuse in the marriage and she wrote about it in her book.
  2. Bradley Cooper is the real deal. Navy SEAL who trained bulked-up 225lb star to play American Sniper Chris Kyle reveals he was a crack shot at 600 yards

    He ate 5,000 calories a day to pack on 40 pounds - from 185 to 225 - to play real life hero Chris Kyle, who was credited with 160 kills while fighting in Iraq.
    But before he could slip into the role of the one-man killing machine in Clint Eastwood's film, Cooper had to learn how to shoot a sniper rifle. And for that expertise he turned to one of Kyle's close friends, former Navy SEAL sniper Kevin Lacz.
    'The first time I saw Bradley I hardly recognized him,' said Lacz who left the SEALs to train as a physician's assistant. 'I knew what he looked like from The Hangover and Silver Linings Playbook, but he just took my breath away. 'When he was kitted out in the full combat gear he could easily have passed for Chris. 'It was just amazing to watch him transform into the character.
    Within days of lying on his belly behind a telescopic sight, he was able to hit a ten-inch target from a distance of close to 600 yards He was also able to do dead lifts of 415 pounds, five sets of eight reps each

    Cooper learned his lessons well from Lacz, who was a Navy Seal teammate of Chris Kyle, Lacz was hired to play the role of himself after originally coming on as the technical advisor for the film

    Cooper has to gain about 40 pounds - from 185 to 225 - to be convincing as the American Sniper Chris Kyle

    Lacz said Cooper was so good at shooting that he could easily train as a sniper with the military. 'I was surprised at just how good Bradley was with a sniper rifle and live rounds,' said Lacz.
    'He quickly picked up that you have to use your whole body when looking down a sniper's scope. Every muscle has to be relaxed, except the trigger finger.
    'So much of what snipers do is in the mind. You have to have the right mind set as you are looking directly at the person you are going to kill. It's not like you are in a plane firing a missile but looking at the person who is going to die. Bradley got that.'
    He immersed himself in the role so much I was so impressed.

    Lacz,, 33, said 40-year-old Cooper was hungry to learn about the techniques of being a deadly shot which led to the man he plays in the film being known by his SEAL comrades as 'The Legend.'
    'Bradley soon became very accurate and comfortable handling the weapon,' said Lasz.
    'He also wanted to learn about other combat techniques, how to clear a house and close-armed combat. He continually sent me questions to find out as much as he could about Iraq.
    'He immersed himself in the role so much I was so impressed.'
    During filming in Morocco - which doubled for the city of Fallujah during the 2006 insurgency in Iraq - Cooper lay on a rooftop and took aim at a figure in the distance. Around him were burnt out buildings, spent bullet casings and the sound of grenades exploding. After pulling the trigger on a replica gun, a stuntman in the distance fell down as veteran director Eastwood captured the scene.
    'Bradley was looking down the scope, pulled the trigger and saw the body fall.
    'Afterwards he just said "wow". He understood then the power of the sniper and what they can do.
    'When Bradley was kitted out in the full combat gear,' says Lacz, he could easily have passed for Chris. It was just amazing to watch him transform into the character'

    Besides being the film's technical director, Kevin, who joined the SEALS in response to the terror attack on 9/11, was also asked to appear as himself.
    'While I was teaching Bradley how to handle the weapons he suggested to Clint Eastwood that I should play myself,' he said.
    'I was a bit surprised, but Bradley said why should they get an actor when I could play the part myself.'
    Kevin made a short audition tape and it was approved by Eastwood. The dad of two spent three weeks filming in Morocco and later in California. Being around the sights and sounds of battle brought back the memories of his deployment to Iraq with SEAL Team 3, one of the elite units that make up the US military special forces.
    'It did bring back certain memories, not all of them pleasant. War is a terrible and seeing how the set designers had recreated some of the places made me think.'
    Kevin was born and raised in Middlebury, Connecticut. He had planned to become a doctor but after a friend's dad was killed in the 9/11 terror attack he enrolled in the military..
    Kyle had already served two tours in Iraq when he met Lasz. Such was Kyle's skill as a sniper he was credited by US military chiefs with 160 confirmed kills. One of his most spectacular shots was killing a man armed with a rocket launcher from a distance of 2,100 yards. He became known as the 'Devil of Ramadi' by insurgents who put a bounty on his head because he was causing so many casualties.
    While Kyle was a one-man killing machine in 2006, his first ever sniper kill was a woman who was carrying a bomb in Nasiriya in 2003 as she approached a platoon of Marines. The majority of those he killed were insurgents fighting the US forces in the years after the 2003 Iraq invasion.
    In his best selling autobiography, on which the film is based, Kyle claims to have killed a further 100 insurgents in combat. He would take up a position overlooking a town that was being searched for insurgents and pick them off with his high powered .338 Lapua Magnum rifle.
    During his four tours of duty he also suffered multiple injuries from grenade shrapnel and being blown up by roadside bombs.


    'While I was teaching Bradley how to handle the weapons he suggested to Clint Eastwood that I should play myself,' Kevin said. He made a short audition tape and it was approved by Eastwood.

    Unlike many Hollywood films 'American Sniper' does not have a happy ending. Almost two years ago Kyle was murdered on a shooting range by a former Marine who was said to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
    Kyle, 33, had taken Eddie Ray Routh shooting in a bid to help the 26-year-old adjust to civilian life.
    When he arrived at the range near Chalk Mountain, Routh grabbed a gun and shot Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield dead.
    Routh, who goes on trial next month, will claim through his lawyers that he was suffering from PTSD and mentally unstable when he killed Kyle.
    So many people wanted to attend Kyle's funeral to pay their tribute to a war hero it was held inside the Dallas Cowboy's stadium to accommodate the mourners.
    Lasc said Kyle's death came just a day after the script for the film was completed. Cooper and Eastwood later traveled to Texas to meet Kyle's father Wayne to talk him about the film.
    I know Bradley wanted to do the Kyle family proud and he has certainly done that.

    They both vowed to honor the memory of his son and promised the family would not be disappointed with the finished result. Cooper went on a 5,000 a day diet to bulk up his weight so he was the same size as Kyle. He never met Kyle in person but spoke to him on the phone.
    'I know Bradley wanted to do the Kyle family proud and he has certainly done that, says Lacz.
    'Chris was a special person with a big heart who loved his family and loved his country.'
    Kyle's widow Taya also gave her approval to the film. She flew to London before production began to meet with 84- year-old Eastwood, Cooper and Miller who plays her in the film.
    Like Kyle's family she was worried the film would somehow dishonor her husband's memory. But after seeing 'American Sniper' she was thrilled with the result and said Cooper kept a promise to her that he would not do anything to ruin the honor of husband or her marriage.
    'I left feeling like a weight had been lifted. They really pulled it off. It's an authentic, genuine look at two people who love each other and what our veterans go through and what they carry,' she said. 'So many of Chris's friends who have seen the movie have said they didn't feel like they were even watching an actor.
    It's been that way without fail. 'Everyone who knows him and loves him has said that.'
  3. Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other In These Sexy Beach Photos


    Irina Shayk plants a kiss on Bradley Cooper while vacationing together in Amalfi, Italy on Tuesday (August 11).

    The 40-year-old actor and 29-year-old model were seen packing on the PDA, laying on top of each other, swimming, and sunning themselves. Irina wore a bikini and Bradley was seen walking around shirtless as they enjoyed their time together. These two look very much in love!

    Bradley just finished up his run of The Elephant Man in London.

    10+ pictures inside of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper packing on the PDA in Italy…
  4. He never looked better than he did when playing in The Sniper! Holy crap, 40 pounds does a body good! :P
  5. X.
  6. NO, you AREN'T....I've been thinking that for a while...the youngin is a beard...she gets to date a celebrity and will keep her mouth shut.

    And Rock Hudson was connected to a lot of the famous female stars of his time, but guess what....he was GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY....just cause you're seen with women, doesn't make you straight.;)
  7. I think it's kind of funny that a man who seems so thoughtful and bright has no gf or wife for a long time and then gets serious about a very young woman. Makes me wonder
  8. :graucho:
  9. You girls sure do know how to burst someone's bubble!?!?!

    Prefers men?!?!?! Say it isn't so!!! :crybaby:
  10. Meh, just because some think it doesn't make it so! :biggrin:
  11. There's been rumors about him for quite some time.

    He needs to stop calling the paps on himself. These pics are so staged it's embarrassing.
  12. People say same about Clooney and DiCaprio. Personally I think Scott Disuck and his high pitched voice is more effeminate.
  13. <<<<<<Guilty of thinkin' that about George Clooney.:P
  14. But... effeminate does not equal gay.