Bradley Cooper.

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  1. I didn't see a thread for him, so I thought I would start one!

    I loved Bradley in All About Steve with Sandra Bullock. I thought the movie was hilarious. He was really good in The Hangover and Valentine's Day too. And he's not bad to look at either! Haha.
  2. i love him too!
  3. He's very good looking. He was great in the A-team.
    We need pics!!
  4. Loved him in the Hangover... plus he isn't bad to look at either! :graucho:

  5. He looked so dorky in Alias (when I first heard of him). It was't until I saw him in He's Just Not That Into You where I blown away. I was like, This guy's hot! Plus, he's got a great smile.
  6. I love Bradley Cooper. I jokingly refer to him as my other husband. My real husband is okay with that!

    Let's add more pics to this thread! He makes my knees weak!!
  7. I loved him in Kitchen Confidential. He's just so adorable. What is he doing w/ Renee :sad:
  8. He has that "look" that reminds me of all the football jocks where I went to high school. Cocky, mischievous, and All-American!

    I think he's adorable.
  9. OMG, I just saw him in a rerun of Law & Order SVU last week. He played this jerk lawyer who's filthy rich client was raping undocumented women. I'd seen that episode before... but never realized it was him until this time.
  10. He will always be Will Tippin to me. I miss Alias. Bradley Cooper AND Michael Vartan. Siiiiiiiiigh.
  11. I never even knew about this. Thanks to IMDB and Hulu, I'm now watching it. Thanks!

    Si! Le sigh. I like me some Michael Vartan.
  12. :smile: mmm michael:heart: he's a sexual beast as well.
  13. Here's a recent pic- Him and sour puss
  14. I get a weird vibe from him.
  15. Renee looks so much older than him.