Brad Womack RETURNS as the Bachelor

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  1. Are you kidding me? UGH!
  2. I guess Chris decided against it so they needed to fill the spot ASAP
  3. Womack?

    i never watched his season but he's HOT! i hear he's 37. wonder if they're gonna set him up for disaster with some 20-somethings??

    ETA: i can think of a million other candidates though.

  4. My thoughts exactly!
  5. Brad Womack? Yawn.
  6. he was ugly, IMO. they need someone new. it didn't work for brad the first time. why will it now?
  7. I can hear Chris now........the biggest and most amazing event in bachelor history.:lol:
    They must be really desperate to recall a bachelor. I don't think the second time around will work any better than the first.
  8. I am totally down for watching him again. Yum!! Though if he is 37 I wonder if it will be more like Byron's season. I had no idea he was that old!
  9. Reality Steve had said last week that they were still holding out for Chris so I guess they didn't have many options since they waited so long and filming is set to start in October
  10. Nooooo! He had his chance. I'm sure they get flooded with applications for guys wanting to be the bachelor. Please get some NEW guys.
  11. why do they keep recycling bachelors/ettes? This mess is getting so old.
  12. Apparently he contacted them for another chance.
  13. desperate much?
  14. Yeah, sure he'll find the one this time. *Cough*
  15. I think it's a great idea. It's got everyone talking about it at least! Chris was uber boring in my opinion. But I now have respect for him for rejecting the offer.
    I didn't want another rehash from the Bachelorette cycle. (Probably cause I didn't really like any of them from Ali's cycle except for Jesse who was on BP).

    I thought he was the most honest too. Instead of getting engaged for three days, he just decided to not get engaged at all.

    Can't wait!