Brad Pitt......

  1. Tuesday, he's saying he was unable to attend Cannes Film Festival because of the imminent arrival of his new baby. He sent an e-mail to Cannes. He said: 'With the imminent arrival of the newest addition to our family, I am unable to join Alejandro, Cate, Gael and the rest of the cast and crew in introducing my new film, 'Babel'.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. yum yum yum yum lick lick lick lick pant pant pant pant

  3. Second pic = yummmmm[​IMG]
  4. I agree, he's still so hot. It feels like just last year I was drooling over him as the hot cowboy stud in Thelma and Louise. :love:
  5. OMG! His kid with Angie will be GORGEOUS!!!:amazed:
  6. I DO NOT find this dude hawt! LOL!
    I HATE orange hair! LOL!
  7. LOL That smiley is just down right NAUGHTY!
  8. He look so much better here
  9. At least not attending is a lot better than what Tom did. He just left and had a pilot standing by. I guess it's a lot harder to get back to Namibia than LA!!
  10. :biguns: :shame: :rochard: :devil: :king: HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!
  11. AGREE!
  12. Why does everyone blame Angelina for taking Brad, but no one blame Brad for leaving Jennifer?
  13. I always wondered that as well. Brad had the commitment to Jennifer, not Angelina.
  14. I place 95% of the blame on Brad and 5% on AJ.
    She KNEW has was married, but she didn't choose to keep her distance, that's dishonorable.

    BUT, Brad was the one married and he checked out and took up w/ her.
    Jen admitted in an interview early on, before the media made her the victim, that she could tell Brad had "checked out" after the 1st month on set w/ AJ.
  15. He is hoooootttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love him being with AJ. Jennifer is just toooo bland to my taste.