Brad Pitt is the pitts

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  1. Everyone has given it good to Tom Cruise - at least he didn't leave his wife and run off with MIss Big Lips - who he then made pregnant, embarrassing himself and Jennifer - oh how awful - i think Tom Cruise (although somewhat goofy) is pretty decent compared with that behavior!
  2. I wonder what was going on with Brad & Jen- I feel bad for her- she must be so hurt!
  3. I like Brad. IMO he didn't run off and leave his wife. Given I've only heard what the E Channel and others have reported but it seems thats not the way it happened. I've heard there were rough patches before Angelina. There is a back story (truth) to every story. We the public don't truley know what happened.

    Tom Cruise is a good actor and I like him as an actor. He really bothered me when he claimed that vitamins cured post-partum depression. Hell, vitamins don't even help a headache much less a psychological imbalance! least to me.
  4. I don't really mind either of them, but I don't really keep up with the gossip, so maybe they both suck IRL...but Brad Pitt will always be his character in Troy to me :love:
  5. i totally agree, i dont think we can really judge brad bc we dont know everything, whereas with tom cruise we have been witness parts of his insanity. and i'm not saying he is a bad actor b/c i think he is a very good one, although not as good as he used to be (topgun :love: lol)
  6. Not only do the public not know the real reasons why Brad & Jennifer separated (though I'm sure it probably had a lot to do with why a lot of people separate -- they grow apart, etc), it's none of our business.

    Also MOST people who end a relationship do not spend the rest of their lives celibate anymore. They move on, as is their right.
  7. IMO he could have used birth control for 10 minutes out of respect to his ex-wife.
  8. Obviously we will never know what happened.
    But it's hard to hide genuine shock - Jennifer A and Nicole K both looked sucker punched for the months surrounding their breakups.

    IMO, Brad should have had more respect for Jen by not galavanting all over the world and impregnating another woman he swore he never had sexual relations with {channeling Bill Clinton?} all before they divorced.
    Jen and Nicole both handled it w/ grace IMO - no matter what the reasons for their divorces were.
  9. I always loved brad & Jen together..they were the only holywood couple I had faith in to stay together...
    Jennifer Aniston is going to be in the front cover of VOGUE in dad said that the cover looks nice.He has been retouching vouge since sept 05
  10. IMO he could have used birth control for 10 minutes out of respect to his ex-wife.

    That's ridiculous and old-fashioned. He is free to do whatever he pleases once he is separated from his ex-wife and has no obligation to not have children with someone else. The only obligation he does have is to be legally divorced before he legally remarries. That's it.

    My brother's ex-wife stalled for YEARS before finally giving him a legal divorce, and thankfully he went on with his life and found a girlfriend (and now fiancee) who is much healthier for him.
  11. i don't know...but i REALLY like brad and angelina together. and while we don't know why brad and jen separated, it was jen who wanted to be separated (according to some reports) and it was jen who filed for divorce. so she left him. and frankly, they're both free to do whatever they want, they have no obligation to one another. but it does seem like there is this race to see who moves on faster!
  12. I think you'd have to file for divorce after your husband tells you he's fallen for someone else :lol: :lol: At least that's my take on it. Anyways, everyone's right, who knows what happened, I agree that Jen A did look shocked, even said as much when she saw those pics of BP and Maddox on that African Beach, I have to hand it to her, she's a class act.
  13. I have to agree here and say that passion for another person is passion. Maybe they didn't mean to get pg. It does happen that way as we all know. If a marriage isn't working, IMO you shouldn't stay in it. If you fall for someone else and genuinely fall in love with that person, who the heck am I to say "Don't do it." We seem to forget that Jen has moved on also and I hope she finds happiness as Brad seems to have found. I'm not a Jen v/s Angelina person, I like both very much. Back to my original point, the public really doesn't know what happened, we only hear/see what the media wants us to hear and see.
  14. I can't stand Brad or Ang. I use to like Brad before the break up but now he seems like a scum bag. I never liked Angelina. I don't see them lasting long.

    And I have to agree with Swankmama, Jen handled the break up very well!
  15. Omg... he was like the Sun God in that movie!!! That build body of his and the glistering long blonde hair... omg I'm having goosebumps as I speak! :love: :lol: