Brad Pitt dislikes mum's relation with Jen.....

  1. Well, rumour said that Brad Pitt is furious that his mother still keep in touch with Jennifer Aniston, and he referred it as ''unfair and unjust'' (maybe coz his mum didn't do the same thing to jolie????)....
    well, whaddaya say....
    or what would u do in this situation......?????



  2. This is totally unrelated, but I'm still in touch with my ex's mum/ She's so nice, and likes to talk about shopping and stuff. I think that maybe Brad's mum didn't like what he did, and wants to show her support to Jen? :blink:
  3. Off topic but damn that Brad looks so freaking hot here!!!
  4. yeah he does, b ut he has been looking rough lately...
  5. There is no excuse! The mother needs to respect her son's decision no matter what the cost to her. Shame on her for creating any bad waves between their relationship or even his and Angelinas. (IF this is all true mind you)
  6. Exactly!
    And I don't think Brad did ANYTHING wrong. His marriage to Aniston has deteriorated LONG before the Jolie thing became public.
  7. I can't wait to see baby pictures of baby Brangelina!!!! And, he looks so great in that photo. As for Brad's mom, who knows what's true, but hopefully his family will warm up to Angelina.
  8. Agree...

  9. His Mom is in a tough spot. Sometimes parents don't agree with what their kids do. Its hard to be in the middle like that. I've seen it with divorces in my own family. People expect you to take sides even though you care about both people.
  10. i sort of feel for his mom's predicament, because one of the several reasons i felt bad about breaking up with my boyfriend recently is because his parents had alway been SO wonderful and friendly and generous to me. i didn't want them to feel like i was rejecting them! his mom does need to control herself and respect their decision to split, though, because ultimately it's his life and he needs to do what he wants to be happy (and i like angelina a lot better than jennifer, but that's just me)
  11. I think his mother can do just as she pleases? If she doesn't have a say in his relationships/marriages, he doesn't have a say in who she is in touch with.
    Sure, it's going to be a bit awkward if she didn't extend the same courtesy to Angie, but as long as she's not trying to get them back together, he should just zip it up.
    On the other hand, whatever she thought of the new relationship, I hope she welcomes her grandkid into the family as warmly as she seems to treat Jen.
  12. I totally agree. :sad:
  13. Why the thumbs up?

    Anyway, many women don't have the best of relationships with their hubby's/boyfriend's mother. It is not Angelina's fault.

    I'm sure she is more concerned with her children and her own mother's deteriorating health than to be bothered with Jennifer Aniston and Mrs. Pitt.
  14. In reference to Brad's really doesn't matter what the mothers thinks about what choice he made...what matters is she has to respect that regardless of her feelings. You don't show support at all for Jen. That is disrespectful to your son and his new love. You just have to swallow and move on.
  15. I agree with this. Brad can end HIS relationship with Jen, but he has no right to end anyone else's relationships or to ask that his mother stop speaking to her. And if Mrs. Pitt doesn't like Angelina, then so be it. You can't force people to like someone if they don't. She should respect Brad's right to do what he wants, but he needs to do the same for her.