Brad Pitt and Man-Purse (murse) !!

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  1. Okay I lied, it's probably a diaper bag. But isn't this the most adorable daddy picture ever ? :amuse:
  2. :love: HOT DIGGITY DAD!
  3. HA! Murse! I love it.
  4. ^^^ A MURSE could also mean a male nurse!!! :biggrin: I'm a nursing student and that's what we call them :lol:
  5. Too cute
  6. that's so cute, and zahara is actually pointing something out to him!
  7. it's a cute pic and looks like he's enjoying it very much being a dad.
  8. Zahara is soooo lucky to have such a HOT dad!!
  9. one hot papa ;)
  10. He looks great with kids!!! I am so happy that he finally got what he wanted all his life!!! GO BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I wouldn't mind calling him daddy!!!
  12. HAHAH! i love that! :lol:

    omfg. he is looking hot. it still makes me sad he isnt with jennifer aniston anymore. sigh.