Brad Pitt and Maddox fly helicopters

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    Brad Pitt bought his son Maddox a toy helicopter from a street vendor in India. The family is in Pune, India while mama bear Angelina Jolie shoots the Danny Pearl biopic, A Mighty Heart.
  2. What a cute father and son.
  3. Maddox is soo cute :heart: .. Brad :drool:
  4. Maddox is adorable :smile: seems like a very happy kid.
  5. Cute!
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. they look like a normal family
  8. lucky maddox!!! lol
  9. A surreally gorgeous, multiracial normal family. So cute.
  10. aww... that's so cute.
  11. They make such a good family. Zahara is getting so big!!
  12. i can't get over how good looking that family is! i wish they would adopt me.
  13. Adorable!!

    Those kids look happy and healthy and they're growing so fast!!!