Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Saigon

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  1. After visiting Cambodia, the couple flew to Saigon and and planned to stay for 3 days. Yesterday the couple spent the day on motorbike riding around the city.

    The couple borrowed the bike from one of the staff at Park Hyatt hotel. Although Brad was warned by the hotel staff that it might be dangerous riding motorbike on the streets, he replied in a friendly maner saying he gonna be alright.

    They look very wild together, do you reckon?:wlae:


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  2. Im sorry , i dont know why the pics do not show. Please click on the thumbnail instead .
  3. Can you imagine? You're in Saigon just doin' your thang, and ZOOM there go Brad and Angelina on a motorcycle! I think I might actually faint. These pics are cute, thanks for posting!
  4. Thanks for sharing.. great pictures!!
  5. the press later on also reported that they visited an orphanage too. They are really doing good for the world. I admire them, really
  6. @nerphanie and Pinkish-love : my pleasure :smile:
  7. Wow, I don't think I'd be riding around in Saigon on a scooter without a helmet. Especially when they have three very young children who depend on them. The traffic there is nuts! NOT.REAL.SMART.
  8. They look great!!!
  9. Lovely pics...they are having fun!
  10. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Back atcha Swanks... belated Happy Birthday to you.... :heart: I thought of you recently when I was at the Dallas airport :smile:

    (crawling back under my rock now)
  12. DON'T YOU DARE!!!!!!!
    I've missed you so! I kept wanting to PM you, but everytime I thought about you I wasn't online for some whack reason{?}:wacko:
  13. Those are cute pics, she is so skinny, look at her little arms!
  14. Hmm. She sure did look pregnant in that pic Prada had posted a few weeks ago and here she has her tummy covered the whole time!?! I wonder if she really IS pregnant again?
  15. Thanks for sharing, cute pics..