Brad and Angelina sell baby pics...

  1. I think it's very kind of her.
  2. ehhh I may just be very pessimistic about her, but I always feel like she is putting on a front. Ok now you can all stone me... :shocked:
  3. She makes me crazy...I also think she has a hidden agenda...(I guess Im a jennifer lover)
  4. tell me about it!! something about her seems so evil. all those guys..stealing brad. i really do think its all a front. some people like oprah for example naturally are that generous and giving, but for some reason, i cannot imagine angelina to be like that
  5. I agree with that too, Megs. I am still not happy that she called Jennifer to tell her she was pregnant.

    Though I am impressed and thankful for her charity work. It was kind of her to sell her unborn baby's photo and donate the funds. But really, like she needed the money, right?

    But we shouldn't dismiss her kindness and generosity.

  6. totally agree with you megs...she is beautiful but I think she is definitely putting on a front....goodie goodie......
  7. I don't feel good about actors who are estranged from their parent/parents - after she got bigger than Jon Voight, she dismissed him - Of course I don't know the behind the scenes story - but unless an axe murderer, I think twice about adult children who are disrespectful to their parents. Now you can all stone me.
  8. thats very kind of them.
  9. That's so kind of her and I'm not too surprised, I think she's a great person =)
  10. I'm trying to be. .I dont know how to put it. Understanding? That whole thing with her and Brad and her and all those men and her strange behavior in the past still kind of irks me, but I have respect for her and and all the charity work she does and the fact that she seems to be a great mother.

    I dont know. She confuses me X_x
  11. This is a wonderful idea! I can see how some people could perceive her actions as having a hidden agenda due to her past, but I believe she has a good heart. If she's truly been putting on a "front" then she has been doing it for quite sometime now and donated a great deal of her own time and money.

    While I do not necessarily agree with some of the choices she has made in her personal life, she has done some great things with her "celebrity" status and I think that is admirable.

    I also respect the fact that you see her and Brad with their kids all of the time. No schlepping them off on a nanny to raise!
  12. In regards to the whole Jennifer vs. Angelina debate, and the judgement of Angelina's morals, I think many of you guys act like you know them personally (stemming from the media), and know what happened for SURE, which is complete bs anyways.

    Plus, I could say - is Jennifer really all that innocent in this whole scenario?????? She could have been putting up a total sob story front the entire time to evoke sympathy from everyone, with the whole sob act to Oprah, while Angelina knew better then to add her 2 cents.

    None of us will ever truly know!

    uh, so what's it to you that she is estranged from her father? Who knows, maybe Voight was abusive etc. Who are YOU to judge if "adult children" are disrespectful to there parents.

    I don't think she just 'dismissed' him anyways. They were always rocky to begin with.
  13. i'm sorry but I'm totally on Jennifer's side. I personally would not appreciate my husband hooking up and then divorcing me for another chick. IMO
  14. ITA. =) I am not anyone's side, I believe that only the involved parties know what happened, certainly not the public (the media's feeding any stories to sell). I certainly think Angelina Jolie deserves credits for her works; she's been doing charity-works/adoptions & won awards (Emmy, Oscar, ...) way before Brad Pitt came into the picture! As for her image as a home-wrecker, how about Jennifer Garner & Julia Roberts? They hooked up with people who were still married as well, why weren't they labeled as 'husband stealers'? I think it has to do with Angelina Jolie being perceived as a seductress instead of America's Sweetheart or Girl's Next Door.