1. Did she get ANOTHER one? That's different from the one she carried a year ago! I don't have one. When I looked into them, they were by custom order only and I decided to pass. But they are gorgeous...if you get one, post pics!
  2. Here she is carrying a different Bracher Emden on Saturday May 13, 2006.
  3. not really me- it seems a tad clownish. But it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Beaverhausen! (lol I love those episodes!)
  4. Nice to meet you too!!!:biggrin:

    I tend to gravitate towards very unique and odd items and these bags interest me... too bad their only boutique is in london.. I love to touch and feel before I buy.
  5. Now that one is GORGEOUS!!:heart:
  6. I'm still on the fence about it... but i definately will show you fly gals my new baby if I get her.:biggrin:
  7. i have one. not the butterfly shape though. i have the one that a long cluth. u can see it in my showcase- they are really nice soft bags. they have jacked up the prices this yr cuz they are using semi precious stones as well as crystals. where as last yr it was just crystlals
  8. wow
    i've been craving for one for 3 years now but every time i finde one something is usually wrong with it (coloure,size,something)...i love these odd and stylish bags...i actually wanted to post a thread about it...:smile:
  9. They sell them in Berdorf's in New York. I'm not sure how close that is to you... but I'm sure it's closer than London :yes:
  10. :amazed: Fantastic!! Thanks for that info.
  11. I love these bags - they sell them in Selfridges in London and I go and look at them frequentley. They appear quite well made - almost constructed in the type of way a saddler might make a saddle - hand stitched etc - or so it appears to me. The flap that closes these bags is actually padded as well so very sturdy - as for the crystals they are very bling! The only quibble I had was that the carrying straps appeared to me as though they were thinner and could be vulnerable to wear, but I can't say for certain as this is only from examining them on the sales stand. As far as I am aware their boutique which was in Covent Garden isn't open now and they sell through their website where I think you can order custom made ones if you haven't been able to find the exact colourway/leather that you wanted, plus Selfridges and ( I think) Harrods stocks them. If you are buying from the states i'm sure it would be best to buy off the website no? Just google Bracher Emden and it will find the site. I want one too - they are on my (very long) list of wants!