1. I found out today that I need braces. The Orthodontist I had the consult with said that braces would help with my jaw alignment and would slow down the wear from grinding my teeth at night.

    The horrific part? 2 years and $5600!!! Our dental insurance only covers children under 19 for braces.

    Has anyone here had braces as an adult? Are you glad you had it done? Was it painful? :sad:
  2. I had braces when I was younger and silly me NEVER wore my retainer, so about 15 years later, here I am having my teeth straightened again (luckily my teeth only shifted slightly, so it's not too bad).

    I opted for Invisalign, and not the traditional metal braces I had way back when. There will be discomfort, as your teeth are going to be shifted into a position they don't want to be in. After a while, you will get used to the feeling, and you should be fine until your braces are tightened again (or if using Invisalign, until you change into your next tray). This discomfort for me is not be unbearable, and I suggest just eating softer foods during this time.
  3. Awww, I know how you feel. Yeah if I visited the dentist he'd probably say I need them but I won't bother, they've been saying it ever since I was a little girl.

    I heard that adult braces are really expensive and can go up to 10,000. I remember a lady in our building in her 40s having some put in for that much.
  4. i'm 27 and i just got my braces put on 6 months ago yes i have to ware them for two years also,there not as bad as it seems i got clear on top and silver on the bottom. it's going by pretty fast. there not as painful as it seems. just take two advils before you go and everytime you get them tightened.
  5. I'm 26 and I have had my braces for about 3 months now and everything is going fine with them now. I have the selfligating braces or speed braces and I love that my smile will be perfect in about 2 years and they cost me 4800.00.
  6. My teeth shifted in my late 20's & I had braces at 32. Best money I have ever spent in my life> I am soooo glad I did it.
    My DH had braces when he was young & didn't wear retainer either> He had braces in his 50's, so you are never too old!
  7. I was 24 when I got my braces. I'm glad I sacrificed 2 years to have straight teeth for the rest of my life....well..I just hope they'll stay straight because I refuse to wear my retainer. Ok, I refuse because I have no idea where it is! If my teeth get crooked again, I'll get veneers.

    Yes it did hurt, I thought my teeth were going to fall out.

    The part I hate the most is when they take pictures of your teeth and profile BEFORE you get the braces. I hate it when they pull your lips apart to get the pic. I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger from Total Recall. That hurt more than the actual braces.

    Be brave! Good luck!
  8. I'm 36 and am wearing braces for the second time (1st time I was a teenager). I've been wearing Invisaligns since August on my top and bottom teeth and have about 6-8 months to go. :yes:
  9. I'm 22 and I've been in braces for almost 10 months now. It was a personal decision to have braces and I have no regrets about it. I've seen the tremendous improvement since having them on and all my friends thought I was crazy to get braces as I have a nice smile but what drove me nuts was the minor overcrowding on my lower jaw and a slight buck tooth on the upper jaw. Also, it wasn't till I went in for consultation that I was told that my left jaw is misaligned and that my wisdom teeth was causing the overcrowding.

    I've been progressing pretty fast and from an estimated treatment time of 17 months I'm hoping that my sentence will be shortened for good behavior! :p Long story short, I'm eager to get my retainers as I will be wearing them for life! Oh, I paid $2750 as my insurance covered $1500 and I have ceramics on top and metals on the bottom.
  10. I had braces put on my bottom teeth for 6 months to fix a small part where a tooth was back from the line.
    Then I got the Bonded retainer which is really good and doesn't show at all :smile:
    I am so glad I did it and it was not painful. you get used to it quickly :biggrin:
    I say go for it if you can cause you won't regret it ^^
    best of luck!
  11. I'm in Invisalign now for my bottoms. Twice before this I was in traditional braces. You might be a little sore for a few minutes after each adjustment, but there is no pain involved so don't worry.
  12. I am on my last 4 weeks of Invisalign and can say that it was the second best "cosmetic" adjustment I ever did.

    I am an "ortho-relapse" case - had braces as a teen, did not wear my retainers, my teeth shifted horribly.

    If Invisalign is an option for you Becca then I would explore that option. I had a lot of misalignment and I only had to wear them for 8 months - as I said it has been 7 and I could not be happier. I have them out right now, while I drink coffee and surf tPF. :p

    Good Luck - also, I paid for mine using CareCredit, most offices offer this plan, 0% interest on doctor's visits over $300 and the Care Credit card can be used at Doctors and Veterenarians offices across the country.
  13. it only hurts when you get your braces tightened, and i have braces now as a 14 year old.
    WHATEVER YOU DO dont let the orthodontist scam you into the 2 "phase" process of having braces twice, for 2 short times, instead of one long time.
    it will cost over 8000 total.
    if your teeth arent that bad, you can use invisalign. my friend has it, but its kinda noticeable, but nowhere near as noticeable as metal brackets on your teeth.
    also.remember that nobody NEEDS braces. they are just an important aspect of cosmetic success.
  14. You can go to your orthodontist (or any ortho, really) and get a replacement. It may not be too late.....also, it would be a LOT cheaper and a less invasive treatment! :yes:
  15. had braces when i was in middle school which was like 10 years ago...but braces make a world of difference for your wont regret it

    braces are only SLIGHTLY painful in the beginning...once they adapt ... you will forget that their there until they come off (when that day comes it is freaky weird feeling...but o soooo free feeling in your mouth)

    They do make clear rubber bands and its pretty hard to tell that you have braces ... or i think they have a clear molding that acts like braces ...just covers your teeth and you really cant see that its there (but i think its for less severe teeth issues)