Bracelets to be left on

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  1. I love charms and regularly wear a Helen Ficalora necklace. I also have a gold charm bracelet that I love but sadly never wear, or at least not enough. There is a store by me that makes beautiful charm creations and one of them is a leather bracelet with a charm or pearl that you leave on and wear all the time. They look really good worn in stacks. I thought it might be fun to take some of my charms off my bracelet and put them on leather for the summer. The bracelets hold up beautifully, you moisturize the leather occasionally. One of the girls that works there has been wearing her stack for three years and they look new. I also ran into someone that didn't work there and had been wearing her's for almost two years. Generally I don't do well wearing my jewelry 24/7 but the cost is pretty minimal so I thought I'd give it a try. (And if I do like wearing something on my wrist all the time maybe I can trade up, thinking Love, but that's a different thread[emoji7].) So my question is this, if you are going to be wearing something all the time do you pick your right or left? I am right handed. I usually wear my watch on my left, sometimes with a bracelet, and if I'm going to do a stack I do it on my right. I feel like I should pick my left for this though because it's not coming off, at least not very often. So right or left? Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. I'm a lefty and I wear my RG cuff on my left wrist everyday, since my right wrist is for my watch.
  3. I am right handed and wear my love bracelet 24/7 on my left hand. I feel that I use my right hand much more than my left & it would get bumped around too much.

    I think you should go with what you said and wear it on your left with your watch. Then again it depends if you want to add more and build up a stack. Perhaps it will look to bulky with your watch as well? Perhaps you could post a pic?
  4. things I take off go on my right hand and things I will keep on goes on my left hand.


  5. I think I will do that. I need to have it changed at the store, but I can always change my mind. I will post pics after I get it put on. Although I usually stack on my right, it feels more natural to have something on my left from wearing my watch everyday. Does that make any sense?

    Are you right or left handed?
  6. I use my gold beaded bracelet all the time..i take it off during bath time. I put it on my non- dominant left hand so I dont bump it with anything
  7. I have an apple watch and a wg juste un clou that I wear every day, on my left wrist. I'm right handed and think things would get in the way on that wrist.
  8. Hard one. Think it will be more comfortable on left wrist but might be too much with my watches. Should have it put on sometime this weekend. Will post pics. I have lots of bracelets, some very good ones. I still want to wear them and don't necessarily want to layer them with these bracelets, which makes more of a case for left wrist. My husband keeps saying, not about this but in general, these days you don't need a watch unless it's the Apple Watch, he's pro a Apple and loves his watch. But I love all my watches, and his watches that I bought him but now wear, lol. Don't want to give them up. It's so funny, I never use to wear a lot of bracelets but now I love them and feel like I need more wrists to accommodate them all🤔
  9. on the left, bangles on the right. Right-handed.
  10. I am righthanded - I wear my watch on my right hand and no other jewellery there. That's removed each night.

    I wear all my stacking bracelets and bangles on my left hand - I like a lot of bracelets there and make up big stacks :P
    Some chunky stacks, some finer, but always a lot :P
    These are always removed each night.

    I wear a permanent rose gold chain bracelet on my left and that's there 24-7 with all the stacks, but it's left on when they're gone.
  11. My watch goes on my left hand. I don't like getting my watch scratched up nor my bracelets.

    My Loves go on my right and well they permanently stay on (with the exception of my YG 4 Diamonds one - I found it a bit too flashy for day to day wear plus my regular watch is in stainless steel).

    If I were to stack, I would only keep it to three pieces max. Too much stacking will make it look busy - less is more.

    EDIT: Forgot to add, I am a leftie. I take off my watch if I am going to be typing for a long time.
  12. Usually I wear bracelet or bracelets on my right hand and my watch by itself on my left, I'm afraid of scratching my watches and honestly don't always like the look of stacking unless they are large bracelets, I find the smaller ones get hidden and tangled. I'm right handed by the way.
  13. Ok, I picked my left wrist and am still not sure about my choice. This is a new look for me. I was sad because I have a beautiful gold charm bracket that I just don't wear so this is a way to wear at least some of the charms plus I think the gold bracelet will look nice layered with what I picked. Which is part of my problem, if I layer I usually do it on my right. I will post two pics. One of the bracelets and one of the bracelets with my watch. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459704479.050959.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459704503.468430.jpg
    Having them on my left leaves my right clear for other bracelets yet some of my bracelets wouldn't really go with the "look" of these. I could switch my watch to my right but I tried that yesterday and my world felt out of whack. I think the watch I'm wearing now goes well with them but I think the stack is small enough my other ones will work too. I need to go back and have the bottom bracelet loosened a little, can't stand anything tight, especially if leaving on. I could have then switched to right then. Thoughts please! TIA
  14. It's nice but maybe you would find it more comfortable on the right wrist..

    What did you end up doing?
  15. I have a beaded bracelet I wear everyday even in bed. i just removed it when I go to the washroom. I usually wear bracelet on my right but now I use it on my left because I didnt want it to get scratched from work. Sometimes I wear it on my right when I go to sleep but it scratched my husband accidentally and so I moved it back to my left. My advice is that you put it on your non- dominant had to minimize scratches.
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