Bracelets or watches?

  1. Do you prefer to wear bracelets with your wedding ring or a watch? Lately, I have been wearing bracelets when I am dressed up, and I save my watch for everyday wear. I'll post some pictures later so you can tell me what you think.
  2. I wear both. Usually I am wearing a 2tone Raymond Weil with diamond bezel, and a 2tone tennis bracelet. I bought them at the same time to wear together. That watch can be dressed up or down, so I wear it no matter the outfit. If I'm wearing my Movado museum watch, then I just wear that watch without a bracelet. I think it really depends on the watch. I never wear a bracelet alone. I have a major tan line from wearing watches that I don't want shown. If a wear a bracelet alone, it's on my right wrist, never the left. I think a dressy watch looks nice on the left wrist with the wedding set.
  3. I don't own a watch so if I wear something on my wrist it's my diamond tennis bracelet. I have been contemplating buying a beautiful watch, though, after seeing so many pretty ones posted in this forum.
  4. I prefer watches over bracelets.
  5. I feel naked without a watch. I wear one daily. I only wear bracelets on occasion and never on the same arm as my watch.
  6. I've never liked to wear watches. I love bracelets and wear at least one almost daily. I guess watches are just too cumbersome and heavy on me.
  7. I prefer watches but I think it's really cute with the braclets that has a watch as a charm.
  8. Bracelet...I don't wear watches
  9. I always wear a watch, sometimes I add one or more bracelets, a few weeks ago I made myself a charm bracelet, and one of the charms is a watch.

    I'm very proud of myself and will probably mention this accomplisment an average of 3.81 times weekly for the next year or thereabouts, so prepare.
  10. for me, i wear a watch.
    but i think it's great to wear a bracelet with the ring too
  11. i love and i wear a Bracelets!
  12. I just can't stand wearing watches.. I'd much rather use my cell phone to tell the time !
  13. I prefer bracelets.
  14. I wear a tennis bracelet and a watch on my right arm and just a bracelet on my left arm. I don't wear any right hand rings so it's not too much on that side. the only rings i wear are a wedding band and engagement ring.
  15. There is always a bracelet type watch if that is the compromise you are looking for. I wear a movado harmony when I want the dressy bangle watch look. Movada now makes the amarosa and Kara both are bracelet bangle watches.