Bracelets for guys

  1. Hey Hermes ladies and gentlemen, I would like to ask you guys to recommend me what bracelet would be suitable for a guy. Let me tell you about how I am like - I'm turning 18 soon, and I wear mostly jeans and am quite casual with my dressing. I did try the clic clac, but am wondering if they've got any in brushed hardware - I'm quite anal when it comes to scratches! Thank you in advance! And please do provide pictures!!:smile: :smile:
  2. Hi there! Are you looking for something in leather or enamel like the Clic Clac?
  3. I use the "Boucle sellier" bracelet myself, which is made from solid silver. I highly recommend it!;)

    It is an absolute classic at Hermès and around since basically forever.
    Not every boutique has them available on the spot, but I am sure they will be able to acquire one.:yes:

    ...and BTW:
    I find, that brushed h/w shows scratches a lot more noticeable, since it does not reflect its environment.
    When worn, scratches usually blend quite well with reflections on the metal.

  4. Thanks Blu!!!:flowers:
    I was just going to take a picture, but this is even better!

    It comes in a TGM size as well, which is an incredibly heavy double-row bracelet.'s amazing! :yes:
  5. ^thanks for that. But I like something that looks a little sleeker, and dare I say it, look very glam? I want something simple but yet stands out... Leatherr or silver would be fine.. Please do include prices as well! Thank you all!! =)
  6. How about one of these? Nothing says glam like a Collier de Chien!

  7. Is it just me AuthenticLux, or does the CdC say "tie me to a bed and ravage me etc" to anyone else?.....Can't imagine Grace Kelly ever wearing one....but maybe Jane Birkin...
  8. LOL! That's what DH said...and then he surprised me with one last year!

    It's definitely not dainty but I think very beautiful.
  9. LOL - I can imagine why he thought it a good present himself:winkiss:
  10. ^I agree with j'adore Paris! I've got a YSL cuff that looks somewhat the same. So I'm looking for something more different... Do you think the Kelly strap looks good??
  11. I like the kelly one, too. Vogue, have you been to the H website yet, to see the ones they have there? Have you narrowed it down any?

    Here is the Hapi, at $320

    Obladi $490

    Jumbo $220

  12. I recommend the hapi, you should definitely check out Hermes boutique and try them all..just for fun!!
  13. Lux,
    your bracelets are awesome!!!

    Croc skin should be your choice, Vogue, if you're looking for the extra bit of glam ;)

    ...The CdC is big in croc at the moment and not too hard to find, but if you're looking for a different style, the croc watchstrap of the kelly padlock watch might be an alternative.
    Just suggesting this one, because I've never seen the kelly double tour bracelet in croc before...maybe someone else has.


    no idea of the price though...anyone else?
  14. ^Hmm, are the croc bracelets ridiculously expensive?? I've got quite large wrists, so a thicker bracelet would look better, no?