Bracelets/Bangles for small wrists & hands

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  1. I've been looking for some bangles to spice up my wardrobe, except I have TINY wrists (normal sized bangles actually slip right off). Any recommendations?
  2. i have the same prob! i usually go to the asian jewelry stores near my dads house, they have a lot of small sizes (i guess bc asians have small wrist?) or i try on some kids size bracelets! good luck! post pictures if u get any!
  3. The only bangle that I have that doesn't fall of is a Swarovski one, size 6.2.
  4. ^ nice that they have sizes.

    a lot of my bangles are custom made. i know your struggle.
  5. Gucci makes some small bangles. I believe the smallest size is 5.9.
  6. Cartier LOVE bangle, i tried one on yesterday, its TDF!!!! The smallest size i think is 16.
  7. David Yurman makes a small wrist size bangle that you can special order. My wrist is very tiny also so I order the Yurman small wrist size. It's a little more tricky with bangles then softer bracelets that can often have stones or links removed by a jeweler. You can also have a bracelet custom made for you by a jeweler, I had my tennis bracelet made to fit my wrist.
  8. are the sizes inches? is 6.4 small, medium or large?
  9. I have the same problem - all bangles fall right off, except for those that I purchase at Indian stores. They're fitted so close and tight to the wrist that I have to actually squeeze them on! And they look fabulous and are available in so many colors.
  10. Kids David Yurman bangles might work, they are slightly adjustable.
  11. I'm glad to see I'm not alone with small wrists! You know, ,misery loves company.. As others have said, you can always have something made, which is costly and time consuming, but when you just want an enamel or trendy costume style, so out of luck!
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    Hello Fashion Friends!

    I don't wear a lot of fashion jewelry & keep to mainly simplistic pieces (ie. diamond stud earrings, simple necklace, watch, a ring or two), but I keep seeing girls/ladies adorned with fashion jewelry (ie. multiple bangles, many rings, brilliant earrings, etc) & I really love the look! I'm thinking of wanting to try them & add some flare to my wardrobe.

    My question is: how do you wear bangles?
    How do you coordinate them to your outfit, if at all?
    Is there a right/wrong way to wear bangles?

    I have a petite slender frame & delicate small wrists. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I find that the one-sized bangles look too big/loose on my wrist. I have no problem sliding it over my hand but once it is on my wrist, I don't think it looks flattering. :crybaby:My concern is that the bangles make me look 'too thin'. Imagine being able to fit roughly 1-1.5 fingers width-wize (two fingers together, atop one another) through the space between your wrist & the inside of the bangle. I'm no expert so I haven't a clue if that is 'normal' or 'part of the bangle look' or not...

    So what are your opinions about this?
    Is this something to be concerned about & I should stay away because it's unflattering?
    Or should I not worry about it & just wear it because I like it?

    I understand that there are other styles of bangles that can accommodate small wrists but I am inquiring about the ones that are one-sized & circular-shaped that you need to slide over your hand onto your wrist (without having to press a button or clasp to undo it).

    Your input is appreciated :heart:
    Kind thanks to you all.
  13. I have the same problem a lot of the time. I actually find that if I am not careful, some bangles will slip off my hand b/c they are too big. Sometimes I will push them up on my arm if they are a chunky style and it looks okay. I don't have any suggestions for gold or silver bangles except to get them resized.
  14. Have you tried the Louis Vuitton Inclusion bracelets? PM size but the smallest of the PM sized bracelets with a diameter of approximately 2 inches. (The larger PM size bracelet has a diameter of aprox. 2.5 inches.) Be sure to ask about the diameter measurement to make sure that you get the smallest bracelet. They come in various colors and are very pretty.

    Tiffany also has some nice bracelets - you can have them shortened if they are the "soft" bracelets. But, even the hard bangle bracelets might come in two sizes, so ask for the smallest.

    I wear a bracelet everyday and try to coordinate with my outfits. Watch on left hand and bracelet on right hand. Usually just one bracelet as I don't like multiple bracelets to scratch each other.

    Good luck!
  15. I throw bangles on with whatever I am wearing and love to mix & match them. I have very small wrists so I do have to look for smaller type bangles because a lot of them slip off my arm. I also sometimes push them up my arm that way they feel secure. I find them harder to wear at work because they are always clanking on something and annoying me.

    I would suggest some of the Juicy Couture bangles, because I squeeze them a bit to make them small. I don't think this is the intention of the style, but it works for me.
    Here is link to the Juicy style
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