1. Where can I find the inclusion LV bracelet that
    Becca4277 got from eluxury. I can't seem to find it on the site.

    edited to remove "night" and add "inclusion"
  2. night LV bracelet? Never heard of that. Do you have a pic or something? Do you mean the inclusion bracelet?
  3. I was wondering the price of it myself.......
  4. My GM inclusion bracelet was around 350 I think. I bought it from LV directly.
  5. Thanks!!!!
  6. Call the 1-866-Vuitton number; they can locate it for you and ship it to your house.
  7. There are some inclusion bracelet still around..just give 1866 a call..Good luck
  8. Until a little while ago I never knew these existed. Now I'm seeing them everywhere
  9. Type in the search box inclusion and it will come up.
  10. it's sold out.
  11. They are all sold out in Aust too :crybaby:. I wanted one really bad.
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