Bracelet question

  1. Tomorrow DH and I are going to SF for some pre-Christmas reconaissance. :graucho:
    I've been thinking about the Hapi Bracelet after seeing it on the H website. The 3mm in $ there another version that doesn't wrap around and does anyone know how much that one is?
    Also are there any other bracelets you can think of under or around $250? :flowers: Thanks!
  2. I love my Ano cuff, it was about 290
  3. someone had a leather one that looked cute and it had an 'edge' but not as large as the Collier de Chien...not sure of the cost though; of course the enamels are great as you know! I have a kelly double tour and think the price was around $315? The hapi is very thin fyi! Have FUN!
  4. H....I also saw a leather cuff with perforated "H" on it. I don't know how much that one was but they did have two last week.

    They're really low on stuff right now.....yeech......
  5. Thanks Lulu and Shoes! And D! Darn they are always low on stuff! :flowers:
  6. The only thing under $250 that I saw was the Carmen keychain which I am lusting over and want desperately!!!!

    Ano bracelets are $315 here in SCP. Did you see the new Fantasies catalogue? There a bunches of bracelets in it but no pricing. Maybe you can grab the catalogue when you first walk in and flip through it and they can locate something for you?

    I hope you have a great day. We'll be thinking of you...
  7. Thanks Gazoo! I have not seen the new catalog yet. :nuts:
  8. Check out the Jumbo bracelets! They're lovely and definitely less than $250.

    I am surprised that the Hapi is so much. On the European website it's 145 Euros. There is also an Hapi that just wraps around once (PM), its 110 Euros.
  9. Hi crochet, good luck with the SF inventory! ;) Here's my favorite bracelet from the latest Fantasies catalog, the Etriviere GM bracelet in Barenia! In the catalog it says they also have the PM, but I didn't see one there (naturally). The GM is $390, unfortunately. Perhaps the PM will be about $250?

  10. Lucy, do you treat your leather bracelet with anything? Thought I would ask! Am wearing mine today and love it!
  11. Nope! Not yet!
  12. H, i started a thread on H fantasies a couple of weeks ago. it's got ton of bracelet eye candy but w/o pricing. i posted pics. will look for that thread........
  13. Thanks Hello, I will have to check out the Jumbo! I know I've heard the name before but can't remember which ones they are. :confused1:

    Lucy, oh that is really pretty! :love:

    Pazt, Thanks I don't know how I missed that thread! :shame: I'll go search!
  14. :drool: :drool: :drool: Thank you so much Pazt!!!!