Bracelet Question?

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  1. If you have more than one enamel bracelet, do you ever wear them together? I love, love, love mine and was thinking of ordering another from H online. I'm just wondering if it would be too much to wear two together or would it be cute? :flowers:
  2. H - I never wear just one!
  3. three is the most at one time, though!
  4. I guess it depends on how well the colors mesh together. I could see wearing a thin multi-colored enamel bracelet with a chunky solid bracelet or a series of thin enamel bracelets on one wrist. Now I want an enamel bracelet! Thanks Heather! LOL!
  5. i even like wearing 2 diff. styles or size.....they'll look great. but i think, no more than 3, imo.
  6. H - when I get my new one (any day now!) I'll post pics of them and how I wear them....there is a fab pic in the celebrities thread with Donald Trumps wife (can't remember her name) wearing three wide ones at once - I love it!!
  7. melania?^
  8. thats it!!
  9. WITH...

    Narrow enamel bracelet in silver and palladium plated (2.5" diameter)
  10. ^looove the narrow one!!!!!
  11. Sorry ~ To Keep Posting (Running Out Of Room!)........I Have A Few Other Choices....I Think These Two Are Just Gorgeous Together!!!!
  12. I Love The Narrow One, Too!!! ......I Like The Other Narrow Piece (the Same W/Different Colors.....Hold On I'm Trying To Get The Pic...... :smile:
  13. I must admit, I wear mine together regardless of whether they match - LOL!!
  14. GF ~ That's The Way It Should Be!!!! You Need To Buy What You Love...& It's Goes From There!!!!!
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