Bracelet opinions please

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  1. I just ordered the Pink/Silver nailhead bangle through PCE but wanted another bangle..

    Would you go with the White/Silver Turnlock, the Silver C's or wait until the White/Silver or Silver/Silver Nailhead become available later this month?
    94078_SVPK_d2.jpg 94076_SVWT_d2.jpg 94061_SVSV_d2.jpg
  2. Out of those 3 pictures, I'd go with the silver signature one. I think the silver/silver nailhead one sounds good too though.
  3. I like the silver Sig one ....very nice.:yes:
  4. Silver Sig!
  5. I'd go with the signature silver. I'm actually debating that one myself, but haven't seen one in person yet.
    Does anyone know if they fit pretty loose or snug on an average wrist? Thanks
  6. deleted
  7. i like the turnlock in silver..
  8. I like the turnlock one too, it is more "coachy"
  9. i like the silver signature one. i'm planning on getting it if i ever get my promotion at work
  10. I like the signature one!

    The SA at the store was wearing one in mahogany on Friday and I couldn't stop looking at it!:wtf:
  11. Since you already ordered the nailhead in pink I'd say go for the silver C's although I really like the silver/silver nailhead.
  12. I have both the silver signature as well as the gold and I wear one or the other every single day.
  13. i think itll look so hot if u wear the pink and silver and silver nailhead together

    in fact im partially drooling

    U all now know where i will be tommrow morning :smile:
  14. I love that silver sig!!!! I also love the nailhead though - I actually didn't know that it was available right now?! Going to the website to check that out....
  15. The turnlock one is nifty. I like the sig one but I think its cuter with colors