Bracelet Koala

  1. Bonjour, I would like to know if some of you have bought the BRACELET KOALA in CARAMEL. If so, what's about the buckle, does it tarnish quickly. Which size did you choose ?

    Did you try the Suhali one ? Is it very large ? Merci.
  2. from what i know, the suhali ones are much bigger than the koala ones. the koala ones are more along the lines, in regards to size, to the epi wish bracelets. small and petite. :smile: and tres cute!
  3. How much does the Koala bracelet cost? Sooooo cute and stylish!!! :nuts:
  4. You can find it on the Eluxury site for 255 USD.
  5. Wow..not a bad price IMO.