bracelet help

  1. hi, i just got a new bracelet and im trying to find out what the name of it is. thanks
  2. Darling! Wear it in good health.
  3. ^^^ lol. my bf got it for me yesterday as a belated vday gift, since he's been sick.

    PS, we've been going out for less than a month!!!!
  4. congrats, perfect v-day gift. it looks like the "kelly double tour". I have two and really like wearing them :love:
  5. thanks. i knew it was the kelly something. can you put charms in the hole?
  6. Kelly double tour, have one myself. Love it, congrats!!
  7. Love it... you'll get lots of wear out of this one. Your new BF has good taste...

  8. You can certainly hang cadenas/locks/charms on the turn key. :yes:
  9. Congrats, LVAddict... What a nice boyfriend... keep him around, I still don't have my DH trained well enough to get that on his own!

  10. Sweetly and securely hang on to this man:tender:
  11. lva, great bracelet! Congrats. :smile:
  12. sweet new bracelet.