BRACE YOURSELVES!!MY BRAND NEW ERGO TOTE o yesss shes here!!!!!! <3 love YAAY PICS!!

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  1. i know there are more threads on the ergo but i HAVE TO HAVE MY OWN!! im sorry :smile: i just want to show off my beautiful new bag in all its glory and i think she deserves her own spot here!:heart:



    SHES SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!**the bag of course ;)
  2. and for ref. i an 5'5 and ,,,, lets leave it at Voluptuous hehe
  3. Girl you are ROCKING that bag! FABULOUS! OOoooh I wants.

    And I love your sweatshirt, it looks nice and comfy!
  4. I love the color!!
  5. I am soooo in love with that color!! The bag looks fabulous on you! :smile:
  6. Gorgeous you and your new bag! Have fun with it!!!
  7. KRISPIN41: thanks!!! hehe the sweatshirt is SOOOO COMFY!! hehe i live in it i love it(its from lands end its amazable!)

    AND thank you everyone i am IN LOVE!!!!
  8. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting!
  9. That bag is a really good size for you! I think I would swim in it though. Welcome to your new baby! hehe.

    Great purchase!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  10. Beautiful bag! Love the color. Congrats!

  11. hehe yea i know what you mean it def needs to fit the right person someone teeny tiny or really short could prob fit inside :roflmfao:

    do you have one? what about the smaller tote!!!! ;)
  12. It's simply beautiful! I have it in camel and just love it! You look gorgeous with your new bag! And you look so proud!! Congratulations!
  13. You go girl! I love it! Isn't the lining to die for? That is why I prefer the tote to the ergo hobo; it has that awesome lining. Love the keyfob on the bag; too cute!
  14. Wow, I didn't realize the bag was so big!
    But it looks good and looks good on you.
    Congrats on your new purchase.
    Thank you for posting.
  15. *pinches you* biatch we are so fighting. thats supposed to be MINE!