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  1. They've been popping up on eBay today for good prices and I just want to know if they're even practical? I can imagine all you can fit would be keys and some cash? Probably not even a credit card because it would be too stiff. What's the point?
  2. I find them to be impractical because anything that goes in there has to bend--credit cards won't. I have sold a couple on eBay, though, and those that do buy them usually get them for kids.
  3. i bought a cr braccialetto a few weeks back, but I'm selling it to. I purchased it for my daughter to use for her lunch money, but she doesn't like it. So...I guess it's not needed.
  4. Maybe they're good for stylish joggers? lol :p
  5. that's a good idea! I think it's more stylish then functional.
  6. I ordered a Citta Rosa one last year from Lesportsac, and it didn't fit comfortably around my wrist. I never could have carried stuff in it, so I ebayed it.
  7. I'd considered using one for clubbing..only problem is the bending of your ID. :s
  8. My foresta braccialetto is a bit too small for my wrist, so when I go to use it, I clip it around my belt instead and its more than comfortable that way. But I agree, it really doesn't hold that much stuff.
  9. i heard someone say that they go to a lot of concerts so they take that with them...its a great way to keep money without losing it ^^

    i just bought one but i havent gotten it yet. im curious to see how it fits
  10. does anyone have a picture wearing one? i don't know how it would fit on me because i have a small wrist :hrmm:
  11. It looked like a cute idea, but when I saw one irl, it wasn't practical at all.
  12. yea me too...but it was such cute placement and really cheap so i couldnt pass it up. i figured id just sell it if i didnt like it
  13. I have a small wrist too! I was planning to wear it on my like.. the bicep part :biggrin:D Hehe. (perhaps you're thinking it'll look weird, but who cares! I'd do it) I don't know if it'd fit there, since I don't have one. but I want one thoughh!
  14. I was thinking about getting one - but I carry way too much stuff with me for such an itty bitty thing. I'd go for a Canguro if I wanted the convenience of having something small and slim.
  15. I have a Braccialleto and I love it. I put my money and my house key in it when I take my dog for a walk. We go every morning and I can now lock my house when we leave. It's also really great when I walk him to Starbucks which is two blocks up. It's perfect for holding change. Before my Braccialleto I would stick my money in my bra and hope it didn't fall out. lol