1. In Arancia...should I? It's cheap!

    I think you guys said that cards don't really fit in, is that right? I don't know how useful it would be...but it's cheap!
  2. Don't buy it just because it's cheap!
    If you're not going to use it save your money for other tokidoki goodies!
  3. Buy it it... I :heart: all things cheap is cheap?? I'd get it if it was on sale!!
  4. tokiliciousjen is the little devil on your shoulder! :devil: (buy more tokidoki!)
  5. Well, yeah, if it's on sale, it's cute and you may use it...GET IT! GET IT not pass GO do not collect $100...BIN!!! :graucho: You can probably always sell it somewhere if you don't want it!!

    Robotkitten - when I'm home in NY, we're meeting up one night. That would be :supacool:
  6. Haha, I told my husband: "They're trying to get me to buy it!!"

    Furrowed brow: "Why??"
  7. BIN .... BIN....BIN ....BIN. And tell him b/c I said so and it will be worth more $$$ later and you can possibly sell it!! BIN!!! :borg:
  8. I'm still not entirely sure. Hey, maybe I could *not* getting this as a way to make my husband think me just getting an inferno is me being good?

  9. :confused1: I'm super confused....who wears the pants in your family...BIN and show him who's bosss!!! hahahahahahaha!!! :yahoo:
  10. Bah, I really want a damn inferno! I really do just want this because it's cheap. Hmph. Why can't there be a reasonable deal on a stupid dolce inferno?
  11. You would be a bad influence on me! I'd go home with 13 adios star bags :roflmfao: ... who am I kidding I'd probably be a bad influence on you :yahoo: :p
  12. I definitely wear the pants...I told him I'm getting an inferno whenever I find a deal on one...he just ignored me. That's usually his safest bet.

    Although, that just means I start yelling "pay attention to meeeee!" until he does.

    I'll never wear it...I'm not going to get it. But I urge anyone else to go for it. :biggrin:
  13. Ummm...have you called the outlets??? They have inferno...go for that...I'm open to you using me as a shipping address and then I'll ship it to you if you pay me the shipping...I don't care!! :supacool: