Braccialetto- is it useful?

  1. I have yet to see a Braccialetto in a store. OK so I am very new to this craz. My son's girlfirend got me into it on their spring break. We had the BEST bonding experience looking for our perfect Adios Stars together. We hit 9 Macys in Orange County and San Diego in 2 days. The "boys" (my husband and son) just laughed at us as we called in to say whether we scored or not. I scored on the 3rd store, Katie on the 9th.

    So back to the Braccialetto. I would like to use it both as a wrist bag and to keep small things in my Bambinone. I intend to get a Portatelefono for my camera but it has to have either the dog, pepper or Koi on it. So will a Braccialetto work in another bag?

    Oh and by the way Wawahki is my dogs name, it means little kiss of corn
  2. I remember seeing it once in real life. My bf liked it, hahah. I think the pockets are rather small and only good for a bit of cash or to hold some keys or something.
  3. I don't have such a fat wrist and it doesn't fit at all. I think it should be longer and have more 'settings'. *bitter*
  4. My bf bought a Paradiso one a while back... It fit me (I have tiny wrists, big everything else *lol*) but it doesn't fit much! Cash and keys, but not a keychain. I don't see it as being useful at all, but that's just me. Needless to say, he returned it.
  5. I never bought just doesn't look useful to me. How much do those things cost? Bleh. I'd rather buy a denaro or a portatelefono.
  6. My bf bought it for $50 something at Ala Moana.
  7. Ahh, I see. So that means the thing only costs around $30-$40 in the mainland?
  8. It's $42 on the mainland.
  9. Ahhh, pretty cheap. Well, if I were living on the mainland I'd probably get one just to get's like buying a toki shirt.
  10. I have a braccialetto. I actually liked it much more in person than I thought i would. However i like it more as a wrist cuff than anything useful- b/c it's not. LOL* I haven't used it yet, but I think it's cute and it was cheap- 31.50