Braccialetto and trenino help?

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  1. Hi all!
    Since I've pretty much decided not to get tutti zucca, I'm more seriously considering the braccialetto and trenino!

    I've been trying to find more info on braccialetto but somehow it doesn't seem to be so popular...?

    I've tried search tpf threads and the net in general but I'm looking for more detailed information.

    My questions:
    1. Could someone post up reference photos of how it looks like on your wrist? And please tell me the approx circumference of your wrist too. (It looks fixed and I wouldn't want the bracelet to be too small/big for me)

    2. How much can you fit in it? Can you fit in credit cards or will they bend? Lipgloss? Maybe a visual photo of all the things you can stuff in and whether it bulges out horribly when so stuffed?

    3. Is it harder to find in notte solid/grey?

    4. How does it look like on the inside? Do you see citta/spiraggia/etc on the inside, or is it just black/grey?

    5. Is braccialetto super popular or did they just produce very little of it...because it's only available in AS at SH...?

    Questions on the trenino:
    1. Is it harder to find in notte solid? I don't see any in those colours on eBay >_<. Or on the latest SH listing.

    Lastly if anyone wants to part with their braccialetto/notte solid trenino I'd be massively interested :biggrin:

    Sorry for the long post and lots of questions >_<
    I'm still a bit of a tokidoki n00b but I am trying!! Really!!
  2. LeSportsac still has the Notte Solid Trenino on their site.
    That may be why it's not anywhere else..?
    I have a Braccialetto @home that was meant as a gift for someone.. I haven't tried putting things in it yet to see what it can hold, but I may be able to do that later tonight.. I don't have a digital camera, though, so someone else may be able to show you pictures. Oh&it has the print on both sides, if I remember correctly.
  3. oic! oops. Totally forgot about looking for trenino from main lesportsac site! I guess I normally search on eBay (since I'm no United Statian).

    Cheers for the info on braccialetto too tachikomatic ^_^
    much appreciated.