Bra Shopping - Rant! (LOOONNGGG!!)

  1. Warning: (LONG, bra rant) :rant:

    Ugh, My mom and I went bra shopping the last few days..Fun. ACK! Neway...we went to Kohl's on (day 1) and tried on a bunch...I found 5.. I liked but then later found 1 that fit when I went to get more of that particular 1 there weren't any. So I left w/ the one.

    Then we decided to go to Victoria Secrets on Day 2 (which was yesterday). I don't know..they had 2 that I went there specifically to look at (that I seen online) and they fit fine I guess. But not as well as the one I bought from Kohl's so I left there with nothing.

    Btw, seems as though VS has alot of padded bras. This was my 1st time going there, and I want something lightly lined, if that. Most everything there was so padded. What's the deal w/ that?? :confused1: Also, it seems all the cute bras are in the smaller sizes. I find that's true pretty much everywhere. Anyone else notice this?? LOL, it's a miracle if you find different color bras in the larger sizes. (for story purposes, I'm a I almost passed out at Kohl's when I found some in lilac, and baby blue. It's been awhile since I've shopped for bras. See, I recently lost 20 lbs. YAY! :yahoo: (Currently at 133...I still want to lose 5 more). Neway...after trying on different sizes, etc. I've gone from a 38D, to a 36D. That works...36 sounds good to me!

    So....On the way home we hit "another" Kohl's to see if they had any of the one I liked from the other day...they only had 2 and they were the wrong size. GRR! Btw, my mom bought the same bra..LOL It is rather plain. It's very basic white, a cotton/spandex blend. But OMG so comfortable, and looks great on!:yes: So I'm on a hunt for more..LOL!:search: It's all about comfort, and "how it looks on". I'd like to have colors to choose from, etc. but if it's plain and looks good on, then that overwrites the color issue. LMAO!

    Neway, we passed a outlet mall on the way home that was the brand of bra I bought from Kohl's (Vanity fair). HMM...Vanity Fair outlet? They must have the same bra I bought. Ya, right. UGH! They had a ton of Vanity Fair bras, but NOT the one I bought. Can u believe my luck?? :Push:

    After Day 1, I looked online for it at Vanity Fair's website, also googled the bra and style # and NADA, NOTHING, ZILCH! I found some sites w/ their bras but not the same style #. So then yesterday I searched for some online that looked similar, and similar blends...I found Jockey has one that looks to be almost the same. And then I went to Jockey's site and saw that it comes in a lot of different colors. WHOA! :wtf: Hmm...Maybe a possibility?!?

    Here's a link to the one I found by Jockey (it looks identical to the one I got at Kohl's):

    Soooooo, I may go to Kohl's AGAIN today (they carry Jockey, we didn't look at them the other day..) and see how they fit. We'll see if we go...I'm beat from all this shopping. LOL!! I told my mom yesterday..."we've seen so many bras the last few days I'm gonna dream about bras tonight..":lol:

    OK, done with my bra/boob rant! LOL! Thanks for listening...I feel much better now...Heehee!
  2. See, it's so hard for me to find a bra like that! All of the bras that I find that fit nicely are padded so much that it looks like I'm a cup size bigger!!!

    I just want...a..nice..simple...bra! Can't somebody out there design osmething like that in pretty colors?!?!?!?

    Hope you find the one you like again. I know how much of a PIA bra shopping can be.
  3. Thanks!

    I know what you mean. LOL!! I was surprised that the Jockey bra I found "actually" comes in different colors. (Pink, light blue, etc.) If you click on "details" you'll see all the colors. But I noticed more of the colors were available for the smaller sizes. But still, alot more for the bigger sizes than normal. So that's a plus! I'm just hoping it fits like the "Kohl's bra" I found. If not, then LOL I gotta hit all the Kohl's in CA. for it!! LMAO!! ..and when I do..."stock up"!! heehee!
  4. LVCRAZED, I feel so bad. I am sending you a PM about Barely There for a free bra in your size. (They, ironically, don't make my sizes.) :flowers:
  5. Awww...Thx alot Sonya!!! Got your PM. Very sweet of you!;)
  6. I went with some friends to Lane Bryant and we could not believe the bra selection. My friend works in lingerie and was quite impressed with the quality and prices. I think you would have good luck there. They do carry smaller sizes and your size would be considered small. They had sales like buy one get one half off. You can check out their online site You would want the online store not the catalog which has ugly clothes and is totally different from the stores. My friends and I also went to VSecret where one friend was totally measured wrong for her bra size and went home with bras that do not fit right. You might like to check out Marshalls and TJ Maxx if you have them near you, it is hit or miss but sometimes they have beautiful things.
    Good luck.
  7. I was going to suggest LB for that size. They do have a great selection. I hate shopping for bras,too.
  8. Cool, Thx ladies...I'll ck out LB!;)
  9. hahaa, i have the same problem when shopping for bras, except im an A cup. nothing is small enough to fit and look right under shirts. i understand how frustrating it must be. :Push:
  10. I love Maidenform's "One Fabulous Fit" bras - I get them at Kohl's. They are lined, like you were desribing, without being "padded". Good luck!
  11. i don't know if it's been mentioned.

    i hate bras with adding too

    but i love victoria's secret semi-demi cup push up without padding bra (sometimes you need a little omph you know? ;) )

    anyways, they had this great one they discontinued, and then made a lace-less version of it which sucked. now it's back but the lace pattern is slightly different, you should try it! it's the only bra i buy from vs.
  12. I heart Champion bras. I find that I don't do well, going to chain stores and do better going to a place that specializes in bras and being fitted. (NOt that hideous VS type stores) but more the kind that gear towards all womena dn do the mastectomy bras as well, as they have more expeience than some twit who was taught to measure a womans torso for minimum wage.