Bra Recommendations

  1. Hi ladies, I don't usually post about underwear :graucho: , but I'm at my wit's end! Can anyone recommend a bra for a 34 D chest? I used to wear Vic's Secret, but I just went in to buy new bras and nothing fit! I actually got the bra box and tried on every single style in the store, nothing, everything was too flimsy or outright matronly and too big. I even tried 34 Cs and 36 Cs, I'm definitely a 34 D but Vic's Secret doesn't seem to be working for me anymore. I ended up buying a Maidenform bra instead but it isn't keeping the, err, ladies in place very well. Can anyone recommend a bra for me? TIA!
  2. chantelle has amazing bras for larger chests (i'm a 32DD) and they are soo pretty, comfy and well constructed

    faye :smile:
  3. wacoal & la perla are great too.
  4. I'd try Chantelle, ITA. I also swear by (and as they have a ton of size ranges and have a great deal of full cup/minimizer styles.