Bra & Pantie sets: Do They Have To Match ?

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  1. My preferance is to mainly buy matching bra and pantie sets, sometimes i like to coordinate certain basic coloured bras with certain panties.

    How about you ? Do they have to match ?
  2. i think it's fun when they do, but i don't buy them to match :smile:
  3. mine raaaaarely match even in color. i've only bought a 'set' once, and it was for the entertainment of someone OTHER than myself. i like to wear black bras, that's mainly what i have, but i wear white skirts quite regularly, and a matching set just wouldn't work in that situation!
  4. I like when they match, but they don't have to.
  5. i wear what is comfortable, but then again ive only started wearing nice stuff now, VS, but no lace yet. but i think if it makes you feel sexy wearing matching sets then go for it!!
  6. Dang it would be nice but that is just not my reality! I save my matched sets for, ahem, special occasions with BF.:wlae:
  7. I don't care if they match, but my BF does. So if I know he's going to be around I try to make sure they are at least the same color.
  8. I don't always wear matched sets, but they are always coordinated to each other and to the rest of my outfit.

    I like to buy multiples of comfy, attractive undies (or shoes or pants) in different styles so if for example, I am wearing light colored pants and a black top, the bra and panties will be the same style but the colors will go with the shirt and pants. If I am wearing a dress, they will match.

    I don't like to wear a lot of lace because it can look lumpy under clothes, but I always choose undergarments for both comfort and looks.

  9. :love: :shame:
  10. :roflmfao:

    Moi? They have to match ALL THE TIME. I feel better if I make an effort even on things no one is going to see. And, *cough*, I like to have the safety factor especially when 'emergency'/unplanned situations arise.:wlae:
  11. Same here.
  12. I usually wear a neutral colored bra with colorful underwear. I try to coordinate my underwear with my outfit though.
  13. I've never had a matching set before. I blame it on me for only buying underoos and bras when they're on sale at La Senza. I figured for something no one will see, I don't need to pay full price! Haha.
  14. :yes: same here it would drive me nutz to wear non matching lingerie
    but sometimes i only wear the panty and not the bra but never vice verca :lol:
  15. They match most of the time. Usually, when i buy a bra, i buy 4 - 5 bottoms so it's easier to match. However I've been splurging on hanky panky panties so I usually wear a nude bra with it.