Bra Issues....

  1. OK. So I am having issues here....I have lost 40lbs over the last year :yahoo: BUT now my bras aren't fitting me the way I want them to. I am still a 36D on the bottom half...but I am not as full up towards the top. Any demi bra suggestions from my girls...for "my girls"? I would like a good lift as well. HELP!
  2. I love the Le Mystere Tisha bra. I am a 34C though. If you go to Saks of Neimans they are usually really good about helping you find a good fit!
  3. I also love the Le Mystere Tisha bra (I am a 36B)! It's a great bra for any size!
    Go get yourself fit. Women should be fitted every 6 months or after any major change (having baby, gaining or losing a significant amount of weight....etc).
    After losing 40 pounds (CONGRATS BTW!) I'd imagine you've lost some volume in your breasts--perhaps sag has started to happen? That's normal when you lose that much weight! So yes, you definitely need to be fitted. Go to Nordstroms, Neimans, Saks or any bra/lingerie shop to make sure you are getting the perfect fit.
  4. I don't have any advice to add about bra fitting, but I did want to say congratulations on the weight loss:yahoo:
  5. Congrats on the weight loss. I agree with the other comments. Definitely go get fitted, because they will be able to put you in just the right size and style for your new figure. If you are close to a Nordstrom, I highly recommend their fit specialists. Also, Felina makes a nice, reasonably priced demi-cup bra that you can find on the Nordstrom and Fig Leaves websites. Good luck!
  6. i lost 40 pounds and ended up with a 38D, and my absolute favorite bras are the Victoria's Secret Angels Secret Embrace push-up. it makes my boobs look very full and perky, even though they've also lost a bit of their fullness at the top. make sure you look at the Angels SE push-up and not the Very Sexy SE push-up, though, because the Very Sexy one i think is WAY too much push-up for already-big boobs.
  7. your best bet is probably going and geting fitted. that way you can try on everything that catches your eye and get the right size.
    congrats on the weight loss
  8. I am the same size but full at the top and i wear Wacoal bras and they have some that give you a lift too. They are great bras.
  9. I always get fitted at Neimans and they are very, very helpful and honest. They know which are the good styles for your needs. They also come in and adjust the straps for you as they should be. I highly suggest you get fitted.
    Congrats on losing 40 lbs!!!!